10 New Dating Terms that describe Dating in 2020

We polled our community to hear what dating terms describe their love lives right now.

Dateable Podcast
October 11, 2020

We polled our community to hear what dating terms describe their love lives right now. We put some new vernacular around how they were feeling admits finding love in the time of Corona

Here are our top picks:

Hibernating: Like a bear, taking a break from dating to get your own self in order

Wilsoning:  Like you're stranded alone on a deserted island just talking to a volleyball

Masterdating : When you participate in "traditional" date activities alone and actively date yourself

Trudging: When everything takes more effort, kind of like walking through mud with very heavy rain boots on

Carouseling: When dating is kind of fun but going nowhere

DTLDR: Defining the long-distance relationship that started off virtually

Disney Princessing: Living vicariously through romantic TV shows and becoming desperately, head-over-heels in love with several fictional characters

Born-again dater: When you haven't gone on a date in almost a year and it's like you're dating for the first time

The pickup aisle: When  intense eye locking happens in the grocery store since it's one of the go-to open spots

Waltzing: When things move quickly and then slow down and then ramp up again, just to slow back down

Dateable Podcast
Yue Xu & Julie Krafchick

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