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Join together with fellow podcast listeners that share the same EQ, open-mindedness, and drive to better our love lives. We're a diverse group of all ages, races, sexualities, and backgrounds that band together to help each other out and make the us all feel less alone through it all.

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“This is a community that I look forward to seeing every week especially for the weekly happy hours. It's a safe space where I can express my ideas and feelings about the dating experience. It’s a true extension of the podcast.”

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Shieldy, New Jersey
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“I love the openness that the members bring in discussing our shared experiences. It’s also inspiring to see how we are all working together  in a common mission to bid single life farewell."

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Ricky, NYC
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For the last 3 years, I have found myself as the only single woman in my group of friends. I was longing for connections with others who are like-minded and navigating this dating world too.  I kept thinking it was hard to find friends after 30. But thanks to this group, I have found my people!

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Caitlin, Los Angeles
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The online community we have here was a pleasant surprise when the pandemic hit. Our happy hours are a great way to be silly and honest with similar people looking to just be comfortable in this scary YET Dateable world.

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Jason, San Francisco

Meeting at the virtual bar—  

From would you rather? 

Join new friends from the Dateable fam at our weekly happy hours! Every Thursday at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30 pm EST, we use Facebook rooms to recreate a virtual house party! Our group of amazing hosts lead games such as "Would You Rather?" with dating-themed questions to worst dating stories. You can hang out in "The Bar', "The Main Stage', or "The Dog park', among other themed rooms to meet others and unwind with a Dateable themed cocktail if you wish. full on discussions

In addition to fun and games, this community is a safe space to share your experiences and hear from your fellow community members about their perspectives. We also have host-lead podcast episode discussion groups where they have in-depth conversations guaranteed to teach you something new or think about things in a different way. Regardless of where you are in life, you won't feel as alone through the pandemic and in your own situation. Love is all we need in the time of Corona.

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Meet our Moderator, Janis—

By day, Janis Isaman is the owner of My Body Couture, a one-to-one movement studio that helps people feel better in their bodies.By night, she is a dating and relationship enthusiast who has participated in the evolution of dating from the era of IRL dates that involved the telephone, to Lavalife and keyboards, and Tinder and text.  She writes about her lived experience with relationships for Elephant Journal.

photo of people at virtual happy hours from the Facebook community group