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Is monogamy dead? Are we expecting too much from dating apps? Do we even want to find love anymore? Listen in as Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick dig into why we date the way we do as they talk to real daters and experts about the entire gamut of modern dating and relationships – from securing your anxious attachment, choosing the right partners, healing from your breakup, dating in your 30s, and beyond.

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list of featured publications Huffpo, AskMen, Thought Catalog, BET, Brit+Co
featured on list huffpo, askmen, thought catalog, BET, Brit+Co

We believe everyone is dateable and that
you're never alone in your experiences

Maybe you’re relentlessly searching for ‘The One' or you believe monogamy is dead. That’s OK because there isn’t one right way to approach modern dating anymore. Who can keep up with new terms like zombie-ing and fluffering? And who can be bold enough to try all different configurations of relationships like “triads” and being “the unicorn"? We believe in challenging your beliefs. Saying f*ck the rules. Understanding why you do the things you do. So you can date your way and create the relationship you've always wanted. #staydateable.

Pretty much no topic is off-limits on one
of the longest-running dating podcasts in existence.
list of dating topics such as dating during COVID-19, sexual racism, science of dating, quest for love
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Plus hundreds of other guests including dating app founders, therapists,
sexperts, psychologists, dating coaches, and daters just like you!
five star rating
Challenging and Encouraging in the Best Ways

Dateable helped me build up my confidence and comfort with dating after getting divorced. Yue and Julie keep it real, and perfectly balance thoughtful conversation with lighthearted moments. Listening to them is like having an encouraging heart-to-heart with a your wisest close friends—they say the things you need to hear. I look forward to every episode!

Sarah in Philly, Apple Podcasts
five star rating
Honest, Funny, Helpful

The Dateable podcast explores a wide variety of dating and relationship perspectives with curiosity, humor, wit, and an honest desire to understand more. As hosts, Yue and Julie play off each other well, and end up feeling like friends taking you out to explore the oftentimes strange predicaments of dating. Highly recommended!

AMoneyOakland, Apple Podcasts
five star rating
LOVE this podcast!

I love this podcast. The hosts are very genuine and authentic. They’re very respectful to their audience and guests too. They bring a wide variety of dating topics to the table, especially those that you didn’t even know existed. If you are a curious person and want to learn new things, this is a great place to do that!

Cakers1791 Apple Podcasts
five star rating
Relevant topics; important conversations

Fun content; edgy and current without being raunchy. Hostesses have good banter with each other and guests but stay audience-focused and on topic. I’d put it up there with Savage Lovecast.

Sarah7891334, Apple Podcasts
five star rating
The ONLY dating podcast you have to listen to

‍Dating podcasts are a dime a dozen. Don’t even bother with any of them except this one: Dateable is the only one I listen to and recommend. Yue and Julie have great personalities and chemistry. Clearly they are smart accomplished women who know how to articulate things clearly with intelligence. They also book great guests. This is not easy to do on a weekly basis — it’s obvious they go the extra mile to diversify their guests.

PlasticMoonRain, Apple Podcasts
five star rating
Love these Ladies & their guests!

You can tell these podcasters are good/intelligent souls so I always find myself really appreciating what they have to say. They’re woke, they’re curious, & they’re so much fun. The guests have been amazing/informative too. A great way to see how people are dating since ppl have such different approaches these days. Keep that awesome energy going, Julie & Yue- the world needs it!

MonicaK89, Apple Podcasts

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