BONUS: Your 2022 Dating Predictions

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January 11, 2022
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January 11, 2022

BONUS: Your 2022 Dating Predictions

From hesidating to comvaxability, we're talking about what to look out for in 2022 as we date in the time of Omicron with our top predictions.

Your 2022 Dating Predictions

From hesidating to comvaxability, we're talking about what to look out for in 2022 as we date in the time of Omicron. We're digging into our top predictions as we discuss everything from filters on dating apps, the speed to DTR, and how pandemic life continues to impact couple milestones.

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Episode Transcript

BONUS: Your 2022 Dating Predictions

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This episode is made possible by our sponsor happy brain podcast. This won't be news to you, mental health is important. Your mental well-being sets a tone for your love life. And if you're not in a good mental state, dating won't be so enjoyable. However, mental health can seem so healthily sometimes. So this will be news to you. There is a way to improve your mental health and actually have fun doing it. That's where the happy brain podcast can help. In less than 15 minutes, Heather parody explores outside the box ways to not only improve your mental health but have a freaking great time doing it. Some of my favorite episodes talk about hypnosis, why you should create an alter ego, and what the heck a laughter club is. You'll have to listen to find out. I've also found some of the episodes to be great icebreakers on dates. So who says the conversation around mental health has to feel like a massive chore, search for the happy brain podcast with Heather parody today and start making your mental health journey and your brain a little happier.

The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves.  I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world.

Hello Friends, welcome to another episode of the dateable podcast. We're still in the off season, but it doesn't mean that we stop giving you content. This is just what we consider extra stuff that we can bring you. It's an extra episode before we fully launch into season for teen. How you doing, Julie? Yeah, it's more of just you and I, I love hey Friends. I think that's a great way to greet everyone because I do feel like our listeners are our Friends sometimes. They are. I actually meant to say this on a past episode, but I was at a crab feed before COVID hit again. And I got stopped by elicitor that said that she thought she recognized me at the bathroom. And the dance floor came over to me. So it's always super fun to have that habit in person. And then that happened at a previous crap feed as well. It does. But then when someone says they saw you in the bathroom, it made me be like, oh my God, what was I doing in there? You know, you don't like the moments that you're like. Not that I was doing anything bad of the bathroom, but you know what I mean? You don't think anyone's watching you, that maybe someone is. Like, did I wash my hands long enough? That stuff like were you taking a massive dump? Someone was like, I recognize that girl. You know, we got we got digged out a review of we're talking about number twos too much, which I thought was extremely funny because so funny. I didn't think it happened that much, but we brought it back today, so. I would love for that listener to let us know which episodes we talked about number two so much because I remember one episode, but maybe there were others that I blacked out throughout. So I would like to know. Yeah, reviews are definitely always fun to read. You know, it's the Internet. We try not to take them too personally sometimes. Of course, there's some phenomenal reviews. So plug to all the wonderful listeners out there that want to help us out by leaving a great review. There's definitely those on there, but every so often there is one that's just funny, like these people talk about number twos too much. Yeah, it's whatever is going on in your life at the time. It kind of is related to your review. But if you ever want to just get a good laugh out of reviews, read reviews for a mattresses on Amazon, just I can spend hours reading them because people always talk about how they test the mattress and they like to talk about their threesomes or their orgies. And it is like the mattress or not, people are quite edgy on Amazon. I had no idea. It's like a flex to leave a bachelor's review. They're just want to share their personal lives. Yeah, they're like, oh, 90 day money back guarantee while I had three orgies and mattress did not last, so I'm returning it. This mattress sucks. I really hope they just resell that to someone else after. Can't wait to get a new mattress. Oh, hey, look at this open box items, just a little bit. Don't mind the stain. Not worth the 50% off discount. Anyways, we could cotton and store that's not about number two is not about mattresses. Although you never know, it might go there. Never know. But we are going to talk about our 2022 dating predictions. We do this every year and I would say that we're pretty spot on. We did not predict COVID because no one could. But we did predict that video was gonna have a resurgence that year. And it did. We just didn't know the cause, but we knew the effect. Yes, well, we've been predicting video for a while, so there's that. So every year, we just give the same question.

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One day. It will actually happen, but I think we are pretty good at this. It's like we have the magic 8 ball on what's gonna happen in the year. And of course, we're not always right. But I think we're more right than wrong. Yeah. So I'm pretty sure our streak so far. And we had a really exciting week we actually were on a New York public radio. All of it with Alison Stewart. I always think it's funny we do radio. This is our third time doing radio. One time we actually got to go into the studio back in the day remember that in San Francisco. But we also did a Canadian public radio. A million years ago. I know back in the day when you could actually go. But the beauty of all this virtual is that we can do New York public radio from our homes in San Francisco and LA. That's true. And we did have to wake up early, but it was worth it. It was worth it. It was damn worth it and it was more worth it because okay, a couple things with this show. It's a call in show, so there were few callers that came in with their questions and or they just want to vent about their dating life. And then they also took DMs from Instagram, which I thought was very progressive of them. But the best part was, I don't know, maybe Julie, you should tell that. No, you should tell this part. The best part was the end of our second. Oh my God, this is the biggest fail, I think I've ever had is you know this show. We're pretty unfiltered. We can say whatever we want. We can just throw that explicit content, label up, add Apple podcasts, and we're good to go. I forgot that odd radio that you could not be so free with your words. So the last part, Alison was asking us, I think what was it like the biggest opportunities as daters in 2022? Or anything you want to add? Anything you want to ask, it was so wide open. It was anything you want to add. And I started talking and then I went to this is the year that people just need to cut through the bullshit basically is what I was trying to say. And all of a sudden you ate and I were off the air. It definitely registered to me as this was happening. It just cut to like and thanks for joining me. You know, the end. And the producer got on the phone with me. It was like, yeah, you can't say that on the air. We'd love to have you guys back though, but not that. You ain't listen to the replay, though, and they just cut it. There's no beep. There's no bullshit. Hopefully we got some new listeners from there. I saw some people joining our Facebook group love at the type of coretta, which is awesome. So if Eddie wood was odd that show, it is now at the podcast. Now you know the pilot the seeds. If with any live show, they expect shit like this. Little shit. I can't stop slate it. Well, because, you know, you just never know what, you can't control what comes out of your guest mouth, so there is a 5 second delay, so they can cut if they need to, and words like bullshit don't get on air. So what you do here in the final product is Julie like in the middle of a thought. And then she wraps up. Alice wraps up the segment and it's kind of disjointed and jarring at the same time, but also we think it's hilarious now in hindsight 'cause Julie broke public radio. You were so funny 'cause you didn't know what happened. The producer only we were on individual foe lives. So you text be after you're just like, why did we just get cut at the end? I was like, that was awkward. Yeah, and I was like, that's my fault. It's all good. It was the end of the segment anyway, and it makes for a good laugh. That segment was really fun because it's New York based, so the caller's role based in New York somewhere. And I thought, I don't know if you noticed this Julie, a lot of their questions were about how they had started relationships or dating a few months ago and then now because of COVID and because of cold weather, I would assume that these relationships have dissipated a little bit because they haven't seen each other IRL. And I kept thinking and I didn't make this comment because I didn't have the chance that a lot of this is kind of regional because I think in California we can still have these outdoor dates and to go on hikes since go do outdoor dining. But in states like New York, you can only stay out for in IRL day for so long before your fingers freeze off. So it is interesting because you have to keep the relationship going, but you can't meet in person as much. Yeah, and there was other comments about delaying life milestones like moving in and I think that definitely can apply many places, but I could see a New York where housing is already tight. That being, you know, now it's your home office. Now it's your work and now you're sharing it with another human being and having two people potentially remote working, that's nuts in what 400 ft². Like I think that that's huge.

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That's huge for you. 200 ft², but that changes things, you know what I mean? I feel like even a bike current place of like, ah, this would be hard with two people and I'm like, wait, that's like so much more spacious. Just given where we live. And other parts of the country are probably a zillion wartime spacious that's San Francisco and LA. It's fascinating. It's really fascinating, especially with the weather, the city constraints. It does make your dating a little different. It's nuanced from city to city. So we love to hear more of that because I didn't even think about whether impeding on your relationship till we did that call with her. Yeah. We do really need that resident dating expert that we have. The resident data that we talked about last week because last time this year during our bonus segment, remember I did the hidden. I just changed my location and went to different places in hinge and virtual location, virtual travel, I'd say. Yep. Chicago was good. Yeah, it was super interesting. So I think we need to get that again. So get those applications in, who wants to be the resident data? It's unpaid. I just want to make that clear, okay? We pay you and recognition. Yeah. It's your 15 minutes of fame. Should we get to our predictions? Yeah, let's do it. You know, no need to hold back because we got some good ones. We're gonna both start with our top three, and then we'll add some extra ones in at the end because we always like to add the good stuff at the end. Yep. I think the biggest one that I could see is this hesitating concept. I love this term so much. Plenty of fish coined it. I think it's a great term because it really means that you're hesitating, right? But has dating, play on words. For anyone that didn't get that, I'm sure most of our listeners did. Thanks Julie for explaining that. I kept thinking you're saying it wrong. But I think hesitating is the state of the world that we're in, especially with omicron. I think people want to date, especially given the last couple years, we've done a lot of self reflection, wanna get back out there, but this variant is so much more contagious than other variants. So I know if I was dating right this minute, I would probably be very concerned meeting. People in real life, even though I want to, so definitely feel like we're going to go back to 2020 of a sense of doing more virtual dates, at least in January and maybe beginning of February until this wave passes a bit. But you know there's a reason why dating apps blew up in those early months. It's still an alternative to doing something rather than nothing. Yeah, it's such a good term because it describes you just by saying the word you feel the feelings of it has a dating, yeah. People are definitely taking a pause and if you're feeling this way, we know you're not alone because we've heard many people are in the same boat. I think a major prediction I have is sober dating. I think silver dating is gonna make it splash. It's a virgin splash this year. I think it because 2020 and 2021 people were over drinking at home. Yeah. You know, especially during the lockdowns and I think people have seen the effects of over drinking possibly and I know a lot of people who are doing the whole dry for 6 months of 2022. And also in the last year, there have been 6 or 7 major companies that have come out with non alcoholic alcoholic drinks. It's like mocktails or non alcoholic beer. It's interesting because they're trying to mimic the flavor of delicious cocktails without the alcohol. And I can see this going into restaurants and bars more. And ultimately, and we've talked about this is that sober dating helps you gauge chemistry, so much better than when you're under liquid courage and under a foggy brain and you go home with someone or you think you had a really great time then you wake up the next day, sober up and think, um, did we have a good time? I don't remember. Did we have a connection? What was his name again? I don't know. So I think there is a huge need for people to want to be more clear headed this year, especially when it comes to dating. Yeah, I mean, I'm doing dry January. I haven't heard dry first 6 months, but I feel like I felt that. I think it's just like the last 6 months, 8 months has just been a lot of drinking back at it again. And I just needed a refresh and remember you a when we used to try to sneak where not even try. We did. Remember when we snuck kombucha into bars? Because there were so many times that we just wanted to go out, but not get drunk. And I think I'm really excited. I hope there is a world where there's more mocktails and kombucha, just ready to buy because for me personally, it's less about the drinking and more of the social element that I'm kind of missing or feel like I'll miss.

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Even in this dry January, I mean right now it's a little weird because I don't really want to go to bars anyway, so it's actually the perfect time to be doing dry January with COVID, but that is definitely like if this became 6 months, I wouldn't want to not ever go out again. So having options would be really great and especially for dates. I mean, I think it's great because it will push what a first date can be a little further. But there is something about being at a bar that has like a sexy environment to it. That's the mood, right? I agree, and then you feel out of place if you don't get a drink or something and if you're only drinking water, you want something kind of fizzy. So it's nice that these companies have come out with these products, but also you can just get like soda water. Yeah. Totally. That's what I've been doing that. And that tastes kind of like a vodka soda. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah, exactly. Just trick your brain. I feel like since season one, you've been team sober first kiss. So I'm really hoping that it will finally make its comeback. I feel like this one has been kind of like video dating that every year we're like, it's gonna happen. This is the year sobriety. He's gonna win. But if you have encountered some sober first kisses, please tag us with hashtag sober first kiss and let us know about your experience because I'm looking for people to help me with my cause here. Get the movement started. Love it. I think my other big prediction of this is kind of a no brainer, but I feel like vaccination status is really the new political affiliation of 2020. You know, it's still a thing. We still have a divided country, but I feel like 2020 was so rampant of what's political side or you on. And I feel like it's now the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. And there's been a lot of there's a new term that popped up. There's always a term flexibility, the phenomena of having compatible views pertaining to the vaccine, but I think this is so important. I think about my current partner and it's like I'm really glad we have similar views on COVID and the vaccine and just safety in general because I think it'd be really hard if you didn't. And especially dating someone new, there was a match study recently that Helen Fisher does that 73% of singles reported that they are vaccinated compared to 64% of the general U.S. population. So even more makes sense because you want to meet random people, right? And maybe kiss and that's probably the fastest way to catch COVID, right? Right. Right. And then there was also in that same study two and three singles say they want their dating partners to be vast. Yes, a vexed waxed and ready to go. I think that's the sentiment this year. And I was playing on my Friends dating app. I think I bet you this last week. And vaccine status is a thing in hinge now. And I'm sure it is on many dating apps and it's front and center and I'm sure people are putting in their bios they were back in the day with a vaccine came out. Now it's the booster. Yeah. And I think it's good if you just take a screenshot of your vaccine card and put it in your dating profile. I think it's just, you know, there's just like, then people can swipe and see who they're dealing with and make their decisions that way because I personally think what's interesting about COVID is that it hits closer to home than like STIs. I think, you know, with a hookup culture, maybe some people weren't as responsible because they were passing the disease to people that they may not know. Strangers in the future. But with COVID, you could possibly pass that to your family members. People in your immediate circle. So I think daters are taking this a lot more seriously and getting that vaccine status is actually more serious than getting like STI status, right? This is a very interesting implication and we do see that people are taking a seriously. Yeah, I think it's a big piece of the hesitating, too, right? The people are prioritizing safety over personal pleasure. And that's the world we live in right now, especially with these new variants that keep getting introduced. Yes, yes, yes. My second prediction would be solo trips are going to be the new new way of meeting people because so many people are sick of delaying their vacation plans, waiting for Friends to get on board with going somewhere so people are taking solo trips, booking an Airbnb in the mountains and just doing their own thing. But because so many singles are doing this, your chances of running into other singles on your solar trip are pretty high. So my prediction is this could be like the new way of dating IRL is meeting people on your solo trips. Yeah, I think this is great because I think a lot of people have been cooped up for far too long.

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Wanna get out there a travel, aren't, you know, kind of are saying fuck it. I'm just gonna do what I want to do. I'm not gonna wait for the perfect scenario. And yeah, what better way to meet people? I think people are itching to meet an IRL, which is kind of a larger prediction too. I mean, hopefully they'll be the day that this comes, but I feel like people are gonna be out and about stronger. It's gonna be like back to the sex of the city days where you go to a bar, people actually talk to you. Once COVID, I think, has fully passed, because even when we put up a poll in our Facebook group, about topics that people wanted us to talk about the season for season 14 at the top of the list was meet cutes in IRL. Which, honestly, was a little surprising to me. I'm not saying that I get why, but I didn't think there was this much pent up need for this because I think people are just like itching for this. Yeah, crave. Raving that in person connection. Before we get into our next tread, let's take a quick break for a few messages from our sponsors. This episode is brought to you by pros, most of you have probably heard me talk about pros, the world's most personalized hair care, and I want to update you all on the incredible results I've been seeing since using my customized products, which include a personalized shampoo, conditioner, and appreci mask. My hair is now noticeably smoother. And I used to have really frizzy hair and now it's much easier to tame. I personally really love the pre shampoo mask because while it smells incredible and it just makes my hair feel even softer. To get started with the personalization process, you take an in depth hair quiz with questions around where you live, your diet, and your lifestyle. And they even take into account stress. By analyzing over 85 personal factors prose determines a unique blend of ingredients to treat your exact concerns. Prose is a healthy haired regimen with your name all over it. Take your free in depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today, go to prose dot com slash dateable that's PRO SE dot com slash D ATE ABL E for your free in depth hair consultation and 15% off. This episode is brought to you by the book, the Spanish daughter by Lorena Hughes. As a child in Spain, the protagonist fury always knew her passion for chocolate was inherited from her father. But it's not until his death that she learns that she inherited a cacao state and means this Ecuador, a town nicknamed Paris chiquito, or little Paris, eager to claim her birthright, she and her husband set out across the Atlantic Ocean. But it soon becomes clear that someone's not very happy with this. So when a mercenary sent to murder her accidentally kills her husband instead, she dogs her husband's clothes and assumes his identity, hoping to stay safe while she searches for some answers. Period confronts new challenges at the hacienda. Newfound siblings hidden affairs in her father's dark secrets. Then there's also this attraction towards this enigmatic man, as she tries to learn the identity of an enemy who is still at large, threatening the future she is determined to claim. Oh yes, you can find out more about this book, the Spanish daughter by Lorena Hughes at Kensington books dot com or wherever books are sold. This episode is brought to you by athletic greens with the unpredictable environment these days I was looking for a way to optimize my immune system and make sure I was doing all that I can to keep healthy. And I kept hearing about athletic greens. So I had to check it out for myself. And it is absolutely living up to the hype with one delicious scoop, you're absorbing 75 high quality vitamins, minerals, whole food source super foods, probiotics, and adaptogens to help you start your day right. I just mix a scoop with water and drinking in the morning to replace my regular coffees. And I love that it supports better sleep quality and recovery. It's cheaper than getting all the supplements separately and it's recommended by professional athletes. Now is the time to reclaim your health and arm your immune system with convenient, daily nutrition. To make it easy, athletic greens is going to give you a free one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is go visit athletic greens dot com slash dateable. Again, that is athletic greens, athletic, GR, ENS dot com slash DAT, ABL E to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance. I think for me the next major prediction I have is that DTRS are going to happen a lot sooner within the first month of dating. And I think it's because, you know, this year has really changed. That's all. The last two years, I don't want to say year. And I think people that have been spending a lot of time doing the work and are ready to meet that person and know what they're looking for once they find it, they're going to move on it.

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I think we're kind of cutting through the date talk. The whole data review, I think is going out the window. It seems like people are just getting straight to the point now. They're asking the questions that used to be taboo and first dates are just putting it out there. It's not necessarily this dance anymore. It's okay, you know, we may only have a few times to meet each other, especially who knows what the next month is going to look like. I think if people see a connection, they're going to act on it. Maybe relationship chicken will finally be out the window. Interesting. Yeah, it's like a combination of turbo relationship and like courtship. All rolled up in wine and people not being so scared to have the DTR conversation because they're like life's too short. Why? Or it's like, you know, once this variant passes and we do get back out there in the world, it's like I beat someone, I want them to be my partner that I don't have to worry about dating in the next time the very cuffs. I'm safe. It's like musical chairs. I found a chair. Let me sit in it. You want to see my stuff to worry about what cat traffic is for one person, not silly people. So my third prediction is very related to yours, Julie. I do see that the beginning of a relationship is expedited, but I do think one milestone will be delayed, which is moving in together. I do think that during the lockdowns and last two years, personal space has been so important and people have made their own spaces into even better spaces that it's hard for them to give that up to share a space with someone else. And I've actually seen this with a lot of my coupled off friends who now moved into bigger spaces so they can have separate rooms, separate quarters of the house, if you have, you know, the opportunity to do so. But I think that couples won't be rushing into moving in together, probably keeping their separate spaces like Carrie and big. But still sleeping at each other's places, but keeping your own thing. Yeah. I mean, I think this is something very real that I'm navigating currently, too. It's like, especially working from home all the time, right? It's now not just your living space. And I think if one person isn't working from home, it can work. But if two people are working from home challenging. Oh, it's so challenging. And people may have spent over a year decorating their own apartment and getting that mattress that they really love after reading through thousands of reviews on Amazon. We didn't bring it back to mattresses, guys. All the orgies they've had in their space. It's hard to give that up, you know, all the memories. But I think you know I think I've talked about this ideally. I want a space where I have my own side of the house. He has his own side of the house and then we are communal spaces like the kitchen and the living room. I'll say devil's advocate though on this. Am I a partner? And I do cowork together. Sometimes we still live in separate spaces, but we do cowork. And you know, we kind of just do our own things during the day. But it's fun. It's like you have a little office buddy around. Yeah, is it fun? It's fun. I think that's fun. Do you know between meetings? Between meetings? Well, okay, so my friend who made a really good point. So her husband started working from home since the pandemic makes you stay at home. And she said, was she had to get wrap her head around with the fact that just because he was physically there? Doesn't mean that he was always available. Yeah. And so she would kind of go into his room and be like, hey, you hungry, you want this? Do you want to talk about this? Let's talk about vacation. He's like, I'm working, just because I'm physically here. Doesn't mean that he's just knock on my door and I'm not always available. I could see that. I think there's so many factors with this one, right? It's like, what space do you live in? If one person isn't working, and the other one is, like, you were just saying, I could see that be real hard. And then I think, yeah, it's just the demands of the specific jobs and what's happening with the specific, the individual couple, but I do see, I agree with you. I can see that people definitely have their coveted space a bit more. And it could be harder to give up. Okay, well those are the top ones. Maybe we could throw in a few others that made the list, but maybe not the top of the list. Yeah, shall we? Yeah, I think the one that I had is that voice is gonna become the new video. I have a hinge right now is but experimenting with voice prompts and there's very mixed feelings about them. I feel like a lot of people think it's freaking awkward, but let's rewind to a video first came out. Everyone thought that was freaking awkward and now we are on board with it. I do think there's a lot of video fatigue that's happened over the last two years in Facebook rooms now.

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They have the ability to join just audio only Clubhouse. I don't know where Clubhouse is anymore. It was all the rage. I feel like I never hear anyone talking about it anymore. No. But these voice activated ones became all the rage for a bit. I don't know, I think it still hasn't the code has not been cracked yet, but I think of the upcoming years that will become a lot more prominent on dating apps because people always say that you just never know what someone's gonna sound like. It is important to hear their voice in a way. I just thought I just thought of a prediction related to that and it was it on my original list, but I'm gonna throw this out there. I think voice catfishing is gonna happen. It's gonna be a thing now. There are so many apps out there that can change your voice on Facebook portal. You can do that when you call your family who change your voice in two different tone. You can sound like your chipmunk if you want to. Some people are very self conscious of their voice. So maybe to attract more people, people would enhance their voices a little bit and then you meet them in person and you think, wow, you sound totally different in person. Well, that's why I think that it's gonna be the new video because I feel like people now are finally comfortable with video. But it took a long time to get there. And I do think people are extremely uncomfortable about hearing their own voice. We even get that on the podcast. Yeah. Some of our guests are like, I couldn't listen because I didn't want to hear my voice, you know? Yeah. I think it's gonna happen though in the next year. Or maybe two years, if I take two years. That's A-okay. I'm excited to see what that's all about. I know a few dating apps have tried to start with just audio. And I don't know what happened to them, but yeah, maybe they'll come back. Let's see what happens. Some other ones, I guess for my original list would be people prioritizing self care before dating, self care is so important and I think those last minute dates are just not going to happen anymore. People are going to say no, you know, if you're asking me out, this today, fort tonight, I'm not going to do it because I rather do the thing I really want to do, which is taking care of myself. I mean, I have thought that for years. It should have be around someone else's schedule, but it's like, how could dating fit into my life? Obviously, you want to work with the other person, too, but I would never just drop something to go on a date ever. But many people would. I know. I know. I remember there was like someone posted something on Facebook about how do you not take these last minute dates so you don't spend your whole day planning it around the state. And I'm like, wait, you need to be playing the date around your day, not the day around your date. Yeah, yeah. I think because people have had time to focus on themselves and to think about self care that this becomes a priority above squeezing in dates whenever you can. I hope so. I hope so too. Another thing I hope is the diddy apps will finally get rid of the race filters. And the height ones while we're at it. Is it our still some of them that have the race? They're still there. They're still there, hinge has it. Yeah. And you can say how important it is to you. I think it's going to become obsolete. Remember when match used to have body types? That's gone. Yes. I think height eventually will be gone too. I don't think there's any reason to have that on there either. Just make an assumption. It's like body type, make it assumption based on the photo. You don't need a spell it out and filter people out because of it. Well, that would be I'm just floored that some apps still have it. Yep. Yeah, the height Linus. I don't know. I don't know if they'll ever deal with that one. Yeah, I don't know. People seem to still think that is so important. I know. It's fascinating. But no one really if you meet someone in real life, you're not like how tall are you? Right. You just assess how they feel with you. Right. Does anyone really know the difference between 5 8 and 5 ten or even 6 feet? No, like no one's out there with their measuring stick. So ridiculous. Just see if it feels like a good fit to you. Right, right. All right. Another one I have would be, I think dating apps will try a couple mental health with them with swiping now. So maybe it's like a mental health check in before you even start getting matches, maybe it's checking, checking some filters on what your currently feeling that you can match with other people on the same wavelength because how you truly feel once you open that app is it's pretty damn important. Yeah, I think mental health has, I mean, it's been so front and center the last couple years and I think therapy is probably the hottest thing someone can put in a profile. I believe Logan even put forward to study at hinge that when someone saw that someone did therapy, they're attracted to the wet up.

00:35:00 - 00:40:04

So that would never have happened even 5 years ago, I feel like. So I think it's gonna be called four fronted center for sure. I think the last one I'll comment on is I mean, I said this before, but I think IRL meeting is gonna have a huge comeback. But let's talk about when you first meet even in our IRL from a data gap. You know, I was always that you went in for the hug. There's no way that's gonna be the greatest. No. Even though I still find people go in for the hug? Yeah, but I think there's gonna be that's gonna become obsolete eventually. Because I think especially with strangers that you've never met before, it's just so aggressive. Yeah. Yeah. Do you see like when you're watching TV and they hug on TV? Do you kind of cringe? I do. I'm like, oh my God, they just hugged. I don't. It's so awkward because I feel like even with COVID when you're out and about people will hug you. People you have friends that you haven't seen in a while or friendly acquaintances. I was out for dinner with a friend and someone she knew came by and their boyfriend shook my hand and I'm like, can you say anything to them? And it's always one of those things, especially when it's a hug in the moment. I'm like, okay, this is normal, then after I'm like, what? That didn't happen. So I feel like a lot of people are probably thinking that, and they're probably only doing it because what else do you do? That fist bump never took off, or the arm bump. I feel like the elbow bump. Yes, someone needs to come up with a replacement hug, just say. Maybe it's like glowing kisses as you go in the door. Oh my God, that would be so weird to do with a stranger. So what have we all carried around like an arm extension? You know? Like a ruler because that's less where the blowing kisses. There are artificial hand, can you shake their artificial hands? I just love that you're like, that's so weird to blow kisses, but you know what's better at our extension? I'm just getting weirder. That's getting weirder with that. I think someone should bring an arm extension out to a date. That would be amazing. Yeah, you can use it to open bathroom doors and to shake your day to day and can tap the waitress on the shoulder with it. There's so many things you can do. Yeah, you could go as far as you want. You can catch the bus. I think we're both that day today right now. What do you mean? Please. If you use an Arabic tension, how that works out for you. For the record, we're not recommending that. It'd be so great. I think you're going for the hug, like by hooking their shoulder with it. Although it could be funny, you know, people need to share an experience that breaks the ice a little. There you go. Two in one. I love that. Yeah, like for your next first date, postmate them, an arm extension. He's both show up and where do you even get an Rx tie? I don't know, from day to dot com. Did we podcast dot com slash our extension? We're selling them now. 1999. This is our new business lie guys. Arms like different jewelry on the okay, we're transitioning topics. Speaking of actual offers from the database. We are so excited because our 22 day dating app reset challenge is now live. So you probably got the email if you didn't just go to finding your person dot com slash apps and you can register. This is only going to be available until February 14th. We're getting cut off right. Midnight. Right on the dot February for a team. So get on it. Get on it, people. After 22 days of this challenge, you're going to be using dating apps in a way that you've never used them before. So why not try something new for the new year and set the tone for the rest of the year? So that you can slay the dating apps. I mean, I personally love dating apps. And I don't read the majority. I do. I bet my partner on the day to get a pass boyfriend out of dating app. I've been actually a lot of great people under the apps, even if they didn't become actual significant others. I feel like it actually just kind of kills me inside. Would I hear people talk about their disdain for them? Because while I don't think it needs to be the only way you meet someone, it's certainly not, but why cut out this great avenue of all these people? And I sent this to both of my significant others that I met off dating apps. Then I would never have met them. Like there's no connection. And I mean, I would be so satisfied with my current partner. Right? Such that's just from a swipe. It's so crazy when you think about it. But if you can get to a place that you really see them for what they are an introduction to people that you would not meet, it can be a beautiful thing.

00:40:04 - 00:45:07

And especially with COVID right now, I know people are like, well, I don't know. But at the same time, what are the other options? Dating apps have been the prominent way to meet people and we're gonna, you know, obviously the goal is to eventually get out there and meet people in real life from the dating apps, but even doing the 22 days of prep up until then or within that will really set you up once this variant is much more under control. And video dates. Dating apps aren't out to get you. They were not designed that way. They're actually meant to facilitate connection and to help you and to open up your options. It's just the way we've been using them that foxes over, but that's why we came up with this challenge because it'll help you reframe how you how you use the apps, what your behaviors like on the apps and then expectations, you know. You and I spent a while coming up with all these tactics and tips and tricks and hacks. Even though we don't like hack, sometimes we're doing apps, you gotta do a few hats. I think that's the area that I'm not above it. We came up with a bunch of stuff that be dating apps a pleasant experience. Look, no one's gonna say that it's super fun in any way, but the more you can make it feel not dreading the second job, all of that is just the way you show up is gonna be so different. I told my parents about the dating apps that I mean they know about it, but I went in depth about what they do, and they were both so envious. Both said, if I had that, you know, during my time, I could have met so many great people and although they're madly in love. At the time, would have been fun to see what the other options are like out there and they think it is such a privilege that we have this opportunity to use dating apps. So let's exercise that privilege. We forget the privilege that we have. We do forget that. And we can say abundance of choice is causing problems, but at the end of the day, we're all looking for this person to spend our life with. Don't we want options? That's not a bad thing. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So yeah, don't forget, get on that challenge because it closes on February 14th. So you can sign up anytime between now and until Valentine's Day. Yep, so finding your person dot com slash apps. Cool. Okay, well, those are our dating predictions. Again, we're not psychic. Okay, but there's a disclaimer here. But these do come true. Give us credit. Especially that voice activated what I know it's happening. The arm extender are extended somehow that made up a list. You heard it here first. Get your arm extender. Let's wrap this up before I come up with the other extenders that you can put on your body. All right, ravioli to your magic. So what is penetration now? 6 feet apart, right? You gotta stay 6 feet apart. Maybe we should skip the Arabic standard. Socially distant sex just has never felt so good. Okay. I love what we get delirious. Okay, rapping this up today. The dateable podcast is part of the frolic podcast network, find more podcasts you'll love at frolic media slash podcasts. Want to continue the conversation? First, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the handle at dateable podcast. Tagas in any post with a hashtag stay dateable and trust us. We look at all those posts. Then head over to our website dateable podcast dot com. There you'll find all the episodes as well as articles, videos and our coaching service with vetted industry experts. You can also find our premium Y series where we dissect analyze and offer solutions to some of the most common dating conundrums. We're also downloadable for free on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google Play, overcast, stitcher radio, and other podcast platforms. Your feedback is valuable to us, so don't forget to leave us a review. And most importantly, remember to. Stay dateable. Hi, I've got a prescription for diabetes test strips. How much is the copay? Zack can take me a while to calculate. In the meantime, you should think about over the counter contour next test strips. You get 35 for 1999 and they're highly accurate. For full details, visit contour next dot com slash radio. At children's national hospital, everything we do is just for kids. Our top ranked specialists are here for kids of all ages. From babies who need help before they're even born to teens and young adults. Our pediatric experts work together to diagnose problems quickly and thoroughly and use treatments designed exclusively for growing children.

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