Sex & Sexuality

S12E18 To Peg or Not to Peg? w/ Rachman Blake

Dateable Podcast
June 8, 2021
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Sex & Sexuality
June 8, 2021

S12E18 To Peg or Not to Peg? w/ Rachman Blake

Who doesn't love a little up the butt talk? We're chatting with the hilarious storytelling extraordinaire Rachman Blake about his experience with the sexual act of pegging and how it was everything he thought it would not be.

To Peg or Not to Peg?

Who doesn't love a little up the butt talk? We're chatting with the hilarious storytelling extraordinaire Rachman Blake about his experience with the sexual act of pegging and how it was everything he thought it would not be. We discuss how porn paints sexuality in a way that does not mimic reality, why cis men are so resistant to butt play, and how to ease into trying new sexual play. Warning: Def NSF but this episode will make you laugh, guaranteed.

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Episode Transcript

S12E18 To Peg or Not to Peg? w/ Rachman Blake

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The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves.  I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world.

Welcome to another episode of the dateable. Podcast to where we like to be very nosy about. Why people do the things that they do and say the things that they say i am here with. Julie my lilo. We are kicking off hot girl summer. Like it's a like it's the end of the world. That's what it feels like. Yes hot vac summer hot girl summer hotshot severe there's variations of it but we are officially in summer. People are going nuts right myself footage of my friends in la or not in la in vegas a. It's like nothing happened. It's like bumper to bumper. I know it's going to be interesting. I i was looking actually at this. A music venue in there taking reservations through open table and they a vacs section vaccinated section. If the not yet vaccinated. I was like. I'm wondering if there's going to be bored of that happening at venues so interesting. Oh that would be really interesting. But it's also the honor system right. Nobody's carrying around their vaccine cards or they made you show them at this one. At least i say okay. I'm definitely noticing like a rift between some people that are vaccinated. And some aren't and i think at this point it's kind of by choice because it feels like at the beginning. Maybe it was like. I couldn't get a appointment but it feels like now. That's not really the recent anymore. So it's just really interesting what this is going to do like longterm to society like i know some people that are like well eventually airplanes might make you show vaccination card or you might be able to get into a club with vaccination cards could be really interesting to see what happens with the different dynamics and friend groups dating like i could totally see that becoming a thing. If you're dating someone. Do you had opposing views on it. Yeah come june fifteenth. We don't have to wear masks inside anymore here in california but that's on the honor system and are we going to get to a place where maybe there are people who don't believe in vaccinations but they still want to be part of the social and events. So is there going to be like a black market for fake vaccination cars. I've seen that happening. People are going to get that like fake. Id's it's like a yet. Yeah shed we've come to that. How scary is it right now. Going what's going on in china and in india with this new strain. I mean. I think it's just going to. I don't know if this is completely over guys. I don't think we need to be. I don't think we need to be partying like it's crazy right now. I think we should still try to be safe. Because there are new strains coming out and we are not completely protected from it all while i read stats somewhere to that's like if you look at like stats of unvaccinated people. It's just as bad as it was in january. It's just getting pulled down because of the overall population so for anyone that out there make sure you you know you know your person status. I am curious if there's going to be more and more vaccination cards like as profile photos that are fully there. We definitely saw the rise of the term. I think there was some stat that lake. You got like two x the about of likes or something if you had reference to accede vaccines are being vaccinated. I would. i'd be like okay. This person safe. But that's just my personal opinion. I also feel like when. I saw my vaccination card. I was like this is it. It's handwritten it's like on flimsy piece of paper. I thought it was going to be more official like a plaque issued. Something i could carry around or on my keychain. No this is something you can totally forge does make a photocopy of well. You know what it's really like over as when sex parties come back. That's what we back yet ivy. Who does they could be Sex pods that was something that was happening. Yeah those sex pots will just get bigger and bigger to the point of sex parties. And then we're back. Yeah so you. And i had such a blast recording this week's episode speaking of sex pods and sex parties and but play at all the good stuff we had the author of being with an old friend of ours.

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Rockwood blake that used to live in san francisco. He's now in estonia so he has gone to a different part of the world. We were like you know what. I don't know why we haven't had him earlier but he just had. He has some of the best stories because he had this tour called story party. Which actually is very similar to dateable in a way of just like you know dating stories or at least where dateable started so we were super excited to have him. We all know you love a good story. The sky is a great story teller so if the topic. You don't think you're interested in pag. Maybe we'll be by the ad but just listened for the you. The story telling it itself is totally worth the listen guarantee you a crack up. While listening to this we love to see the stats of who listens. Not exactly who. We cannot trace back by name and address but we like to see listenership to space on the I guess episode topic alone and we know some of the more. let's see. Philosophical topics are really popular attachment style say pegging philosophical topics. Well ya then. Then the julian. I have this theory. Topics are also. Sex and fetishes are also very popular topics and surprisingly they have been as popular as more philosophical ones and it makes me wonder. Is it because people are set in their sexual ways. That means like. Oh if this is an apply to me. I don't need to listen Or are they turned off by things that are not in their sexual wheelhouse. So we're encouraging you if you're just listening to this now and you didn't realize this was an episode of pegging which is not. It's only part of the story and you're like oh peg never do that. Where peggy. I don't know what that is. That's a good sign. You should keep listening. Because he you be. Very intrigued by pegging is and all the other sexual acts. We could be doing out there so i was able to finally go on a girl's trip this weekend. That was originally planned for april. Twenty twenty but clearly perhap- it so we finally just a little delay. We went to the russian river in cinema. And i was telling them about this episode. Because i was so. It's so funny. I'm so excited ear this one and they all stared at me with like a blake. Face that no one knew hanging was i thought it was just like our common term but signs even doing a dating podcast dating and sex podcasts. For too long. I don't think i knew what pegging was to like five years ago. It's i don't think years ago though. Dot dow you know. Is it a new word term. You think. I don't know. I need you to talk about it on the episode but it was broad city. That tv show that. Put it on the map for me. Yeah i heard once before that maybe broad city is the one that put it on the map. But i think the word pegging has been around for a while. I just never really thought about digging into it upon intended. But now i know so much. Uh oh so much about it sexual interests and fetishes. I think are completely fascinating. And if i were a listener of this show which i am really racking up the downloads of those lines you play. I'm like way where do you go to get these toys. How do you learn this. Every different swati one of our hosted moderators that she said that. Like during the podcast discussion group for poppy play. Everyone coveted that a brilliant to it. I am not that. I'm not like trying to do this. You know i'm not like oh my gosh tomorrow to my partner. Let's try puppy. Play our page. But i wanna plant the seed. Because i do think if you're going to be with someone forever down the line. You gotta have more tricks in the bag. Oh okay we got puppy play. We got like ear fetishes. I don't know take a strand my hair smell at to get your ass. I don't know. I don't know if that fetishes called julie like i know at some point i will run out of tricks and i need to pull from my bag from dateable. I a hundred percent agree. 'cause it's like only the you know the ones that are the common ones only go so far like when you've been with someone for like even like five years i feel like it could get old even like a couple of years. I think it could get old. Do you remember. I don't know if you can pinpoint this. Do you remember when you first learned about sixty nine. Because i feel like that was like the first yes kind of non traditional thing i learned about no does ever. What do you need another thing anymore. Like i did it last. Is there another number. I should be aware. I don't think that it's like an uncomfortable. Weird position. At least maybe you don't feel the same way you as look at me at utter disbelief right this minute. I would love to hear from our listeners. Who is pro. Sixty-nine who is not sixty nine but like no one thing out there that like way better than it actually is.

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It's like sex on the beach or something that like in theory sounds good and then it's just not but maybe you feel different when i learned about sixty nine. I wasn't having sex. I think oh ten or something and i remember just thinking like that is disgusting and how do you get your body into that position and are you like smelling there but you know that those were the thoughts going on my head so when i try sixty nine for the first time when i was eleven twenty five i tried it and it was very much intentional. It wasn't like sixty nine one of those things that like. You just end up in dumps. You can't just like stumble in there like. Oh how do we we. That's very intentional. Like do you want to sixty nine juvenile to me. I'm sorry i'm like a federal with it. Like says it just sounds so like what you said you learn about it when you're like i remember learning about it summer camp and everyone thought it was so funny and you know then when the number sixty nine came out everyone would get goal. And it's just like every speech you. I think that's why i have that connotation but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe it's a thing that people do all the time i don. Let's take a poll. People who like sixteen my issue with it is. I cannot multitask when. I'm having sex so i had to like plea pleasure someone else while trying to receive pleasure to law doesn't i feel like i can only be good at one of those at a time and then i abandoned the other part right so i've definitely. I used my teeth many times with sixty nine. Because i forgot that i was doing. Just doing something for pleasure here. And i'm a more receiving in my health. Sorry for. I think this is it. Instagram paul. I think this needs okay. I'm putting this is still sixty nine. And then it's like what's your age. Yes exactly how old are you. Are you know what a sixty-nine is as you know. Sixty-nine no. I'm sure it's not cool off anything that we thought was close. Definitely dot cool now. Do you know what is cool. I'm going to transition out of sixteen hundred annual hot haunted. Happy with this turn on. Sixty-nine love my body enough position just like seeing seeing the ball really close. My parents are very cool. I spent the whole on how that show speaking of. What's cool Yeah my parents are amazing. I hope that they don't listen to this ambition or they're going to go. Google sixty nine like what that. What does that mean. Oh ariana grande day. Sorry her song. Thirty four thirty five. Yeah you know why. It's the name that song. Why is it. The name of that sun added up. Oh sixty nine yes. She's a juvenile girl. She is juvenile how she was trying to stay. Classy by not saying sixty nine. I know that. Yes i know. So that's what they are saying. Do you want to thirty four thirty five. Yeah let's do so. How is okay parents. Just wanna take up some airtime. And i realize i'm going to office long discussion about sixty nine day. So i'm gonna make it more mature now. Talk about how amazing. My parents are. Because i would say my parents are the type of couple who fell in love later in life married. I don't know if there was. I'm sure there was some baseline love to begin with but they had kit. They had me right away and they fell into this marriage right away. It's not an arranged marriage by any means. But i still don't think that they knew what true love was A now since they've been retired for almost a decade they've learned to fall in love with each and i've never seen a couple who is just so perfect for each other and i just in total admiration and just know that couples. Even though they've been together for forty years are still learning to fall in love with each other every day. She and they give me so much hope because they choose each other every day. So i just to give them a little bit of a shout and airtime because i they deserve that recognition and. I'm just so proud of that. i love it. I wanted to make a sixty died joke. That i thought it was terribly inappropriate. So oh my gosh. Sixty nine sixty two. Us parents. Let's just not right. Should we do like a music transition. Shift gears back just sixteen. Sorry it's still by. I know i.

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It wasn't like specific joke. Goes for just going to be a commentary. But i know this all the time. She likes says something she. Just give you the tip. It's just the tip. Julian you're like gimme the whole shaft. How fitting for this episode. How how fitting for this episode. Well i would have transitioned. S transition transition us to our question of the day so we get into that now We have our new segment. That's all about dating advice. And this week we have a question. That's related to the topic. We try to stay on topic and compile a bunch of questions we get we get a lot of questions all the time so it might be not verbatim of what you sent in. But you probably know if you've sentence question that resembles this question. We've had a few men hetero men email email in and say and ask what turns on women the most. What is the biggest turn on for women. I'm trying to figure women out. As i date them and i wanna please them. So what is like the one sure. Fire way to turn on a woman. And we're not gonna speak for all women. Yeah we're going to speak for our observations and our own experience. So i don't know if there's like one scher fire way like if you're gonna go like technical things you can do but what i would say to. This question is enthusiasm being happy to be there in also focused on her pleasure. Like how can you give her pleasure. I would say if you can just focus on those two things. That's going to be how you unlock that. It might take a little because not every not no two women are the same an maybe she knows what she wants and she can direct you or maybe she doesn't know and you might have to do a little more trial and error but i think if you're going in with those two attitudes like that's how you'll be able to pleasure woman. Yes the attitude. It's all in the attitude. Sometimes you may not be great. I will you're doing but if the attitude of your like super enthusiastic about what you're doing is it sets a different mood and so good mood try. Just give it your ace star effort right effort as forever. I would say the biggest turn on for for many of the women that we've talked to myself included would be confident. I contact like that. And i say this because if you just observe to people in the day i challenge all of you to go to restaurant. Just pick out the couple. That's on a date may be like the first three dates or something. I challenge you to just observe them and time how much they actually make. Contact there some stat out there. That people on dates only make ten percent. I contact. That's insane to me because all we're doing is like looking at the food looking at our drink looking elsewhere. If you're not really looking at the person you're there with how can you expect a connection and that's why we drink so much on dates because drinking loosens us up and then we make eye contact when we're drunk because you're probably have lazy eye when you're drunk or you're just like my ad as fast. I contact so sexy if a guy can hold my gaze nine maceo word that completely turns me on. I thought this question was about the bedroom. But i think i koch also carries over there as well at least turns. Oh my gosh. There's nothing sexier than if a guy goes down on me comes up and makes eye contact. Oh my gosh rights like contacts. Yes right that's like. That's where i think if i contact in the ability to like focus on her pleasure. That's all you need. Those are the threats all you need. But they're they're no tricks here. You not like a finger or like a fist in there or like double double toe. I don't know if you could work. We're not saying it doesn't work. But i can't. I can't promise a works on all women but if you just follow these three rules you're guaranteed to get arousal from your partner and i like it in and outside the bedroom all three of those apply to even when you're on a date in your the veteran either so quick announcements we have a livestream with june's member of the month they are an exceptional member of the community. I will not say at a war. Because i feel like if i eat. Oh keep going. I might disclose who they not. Let's just say you gotta come to see who they are so this one. We're going to be doing on wednesday. Which is most likely the day you're listening to this. So if you're not already loving. The time corona are public facebook group. Come on in and the livestream is gonna start at six fifteen or six fifteen p.

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s. t. nine fifteen e. s. t. it will automatically appear in the group so you don't have to do anything all you have to do is be in the group at that time. It's superfund when people like comment the chat. And if you do miss it you can always watch it later. But it's fun to be there. You know real time and people give rowdy in there. We'll be discussing sixty. Yeah for sure that my parents to god. We're just waiting for the day. That facebook kicks us off the livestream pushing the boundaries. Every teddy fucking was that was. That was a long time ago. We did a more inappropriate. One gets titty titty fucking versus sixty nine. They would've kicked off it. So this is how we do if facebook is spy us. They really don't care about them. They're just like go for it. Knock your socks number. that are other announced. It is for the sounding board. We have our june month. Ready to go. We're going to have corey rosen. One of our pass gas from your story. Well told also the title of his book. We'd love this episode was all about like. How do you tell your story. Whether that's like the dreaded wire you single or why are you divorced or whatever like that like cringe like life. One that you don't know how to articulate or it's just telling your freaking good story on a date and bonding with your date. It can be whatever level of store you want. You're gonna learn all the techniques that i've taken his classes before they are phenomenal in honestly such a good value to just join this to get this alone like it's going to be an incredible time and even if you're not dating the storytelling is going to be so valuable for you. I was talking to a recruiter friend of mine and she said all the candidates that come in her first question to them is. What's your story of getting this wrong name. And she said maybe like two out of ten can answer that question so this is so valuable for every facet of life but especially for dating when someone asks you. What's your story yup. What's your story. how'd you get. Why are you still single. And even if you've been in a relationship for years what better way to come and dazzle them with the new story dazzle so if you're not of the sounding board yet we have limited seats to these events you can also join at a lower tier that does not include the events or you can go a up and get a coffee chat with you. A and i every button. If you go the level up you also get access to the event so go to dateable. Podcasts dot com slash sounding board. You can read about it all there and find what works for you. Yes and for the coffee chats. You can talk about whatever you want yet up to you. Yeah we hit. We have people like talking about things that aren't dating related even like be. What do you think you ought to shoot the shit. Basically but you can't of course touch us about your dating issues. That's probably why you're here realistically anything you want. If you want to be sixty nine go for it you can. You can use that thirty minutes. Tell us why you love that position muzzy case for it. Okay let's take a dow quick break for our sponsors if there's ever been a year to make the dads in your life field loved and appreciated on father's day. It's this one. This is our first father's day out of quarantine. And i know i am excited to spend with my dad ira and this year. I'm honoring my dad with a heartfelt sentimental gift. The whole family can cherish together forever story worth story. Worth is an online service. That helps your dad grandfather father in law and every father figure in your life share stories through thought provoking questions about their memories and personal thoughts. It's a fun way to engage with them. Especially if you can't be together in person this is how it works every week story worth emails. Your dad a different story. Prompt like what things are you proudest of in life in fact story worth has already created a wonderful experience for me because i got to document my dad story told from his pov. There's no shortage of surprises when reading the weekly stories. And they make your family feel close. Even if you're not together after one year story worth will compile all of your dad's stories including photos into a beautiful keepsake book that's shipped for free. Give your dad the most meaningful gift. This father's day with story worth guest started today with no shipping required by going to story worth dot com slash. Dateable you'll get ten dollars off your first purchase that's story worth dot com slash dat ab l. e. For ten dollars off. This episode is made possible by one of our favorites. Better help. thank you so much better help for sponsoring this episode. What are some things that you like to change in your life to find more happiness. What do you think is preventing you from a these goals.

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The simple answer at least in our is. Is you gotta prioritize your mental health. We dateable are huge fans of therapy and better help match you with your own licensed therapist and connect you in a safe and private online environment. I was able to start communicating with therapists and less than forty eight hours. So boom you get connected and you're ready to go better help us committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches and it's more affordable than traditional offline counseling. They're licensed professional specialize in everything from stress setbacks dating trauma so for the new year we wish for all of you to live a happier life. And that's why a listener you'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor at that are dot com slash dateable. Join over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health again. That's better help. H. e. l. p. dot com slash. Dateable awesome well. Let's hear it for the man himself. Mr rochman blake. We are so lucky to have rochman. Blake with us. The king of storytelling. He has sold out audiences in over sixty five countries with his brain child story party. Which has people sharing their true dating stories. That sounds both hilarious and just terrifying at the same time. He is thirty six years old currently lives in estonia. He's been there for six months originally from new jersey and in a monogamous relationship. Julie win to one of his shows in san francisco and she came out of. I think it was like three hours. Right julie yeah. It was a long show but it was super entertaining. And i remember. I went with courtney k. We'll give courtney a shoutout ed's i've ever just like being like blown away by just hilarious. It was it. How many good stories their work. You just never know you know. People always think they're dating stories are funny but you guys had some damn funny stories. Thank you rochman. How are you. I'm doing well. I'm doing well all the way over here and cold estonia's a lot different from san francisco and That's kind of like we're this whole show actually started was in francisco and I was listening to one of your podcast episodes with Is jeff talking about play. You kept saying or one of you kept saying coldplay. I thought you were talking about like play like sam. I think both of our bides go there every single time help. It actually live in san francisco burning man and you know. Do some gp. That's plagiarised ends up happening whether you like it or not constantly my design the gutter after living here. That's kind of what happened. Yeah sidebar estonia wise tonia. Jeez i wanna go place where no one knew me and we can just start all over again Because i'm sure after you place episode you'll have a few ladies right in like i went into the date with him fucking ever. He's from data. Wow is live right now with that. Was that your in san francisco. I was totally unaware. You know. I you get jaded when you date a lot and you you going allow dates and then at some point. Your patients kind of runs thin. I just went on so many dates in san francisco that you just you know within the first few seconds whether or not you're feeling the vibe and then you and then the rest is just sort of just be nice so i got to a point where i was dating constantly and got. I just know this a not gonna work and the women no to and i always say like women. If you don't it should be like a weather forecasts you know like you should just tell the guy like you got about ten percent chance of penetration here a ten percent chance. You want to wrap this up now or do you want to go home. Yeah so i. I went on few dates towards the end of my dating career and it was quite early and i was like. Hey look i. And i stopped giving reasons i have to go. Ed that got back to me Another guy who who went on a day like yeah man. I went on a date with this amazing girl. And she said you just kinda got up and left. And i was like yeah. Well it's giving you material for this at least with the story party. That's only silver lining of a lot of so okay. So i remember what story quite vividly. But could you kind of light at us with one of your top stories because we love dating stories over at dateable to tell you what happened. So i was in san francisco. I'm moved there thousand and eleven with his young lady. We drove across the country. I went to burning man. Of course you gotta do that. Come out west find my family and my spirit animals out there. We move in together To this guy who we met at a play party and Now i'm not like one of these like cruzi overly sexual guys.

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I had had just kind of started my journey into the the underbelly of the dating world in san francisco and i went in like hard we moved in with a guy who was kind of a seasoned vet and And so we around you hanging around these people and you influenced by them. One of them was a A porn actress kink dot com. And the subject. Kinda got thrown around about this. This idea of this pegging and i never really heard of it and so i started watching pegging porn just for research just to see what it was all about. Just research and research like forty gigs later. I was like i kind of want to try this. And it's a it's a weird thing because when you're a man industry and you think that our i wanna put at my but the immediate i thought for most guys that's gay and first of all like when you say that's gate that's in there. They're saying that that's bad. You know it's gay straight can't do. It's bad and i feel like it's not gay. I will not being as not bad even if it is gay. It's not bad but it is gay which it isn't. It's totally all right and it's not it's not you don't tell your friends that's the main thing you just don't tell your friends. I actually guys say this. A lot of guys like the penetration but there is that you know taboo in kind of. I guess the reaction is totally there. I totally hear that. Yeah as always asked for a finger up their ass. Like what's the difference between say that publicly but i do guys are okay saying i want finger up my ass. But they don't they don't wanna say they have won a dildo up their ask because that's in the shape of a penis. Right that's weird. You know it's interesting. A lot of women have to bunch san francisco the they they hear their friends. Say a guy likes a finger up the but so what they try to do is in. I know the guy might be a little bit shy about it. And he doesn't want to seem like he's gay so the the women were kind just inch finger. Slowly up on the guys distracted. You know. he's on topic. She's like the itsy. Bitsy spider trying trying to test water cake the gay gauge the game meter. See how fruity. Here's what had happened. A bunch of times like i'm on top and i just kind of her hands start at the top of my back just kind of feel them slowly inching down down she does it and i just quickly roll over and throw her on top like do you like it. No are you into it. No god no incident not into the finger up the pod. Any more and it's because the issue is is like some girls really like it and i guess i have to be comfortable with them. Some girls like it and they're like the but boom in there. It's fine but they don't. Sometimes they do it because they think the guy likes it and they don't really want to do it. So they'll they'll you'll get in there and then the rest of the night is like what i put my finger in the but finger you know. It's it's no longer just roll around and be intimate. It's like touching glove condoms. The whole time. Yeah or she just takes a knife stuck. I'll just chop this off we eat. So how did you go from. I don't really like figure too. I wanna dildo like. How did that transition happen that. That was the issue at some point spoiler alert. I just like you know what nothing else out the. But and that's what happened with the dildo story. So we're we're we're going. We're talking about and i'm looking up. I was like i got. I gotta try this you know and One of the issues is when you watch a lot of porn Whatever you're seeing on screen you end up thinking like it's going to be just like that for me you know. I was enjoying watching it. But i was enjoying watching it because i had slowly desensitize myself by watching porn for like i don't know to that. Point must have been like ten years for fourteen years and normal stuff doesn't get me off anymore so i've graduated to female and it's the it's so stimulating. It's so wrong you know you're taking a dick which is which is raw for a lotta straight guys and is from a woman which even more wrong singer your mind is just melt like all this so touching turn but basically what happened is. You're just like a junkie who no longer it gets high off the normal stuff. So you've gotta shoot it into acid ford like no no veins subpoenas op the tech get high. And what's so unfortunate as a lot of men myself especially just didn't realize this.

00:35:01 - 00:40:00

I thought that. I had this fetish from deep down somewhere in the night i needed to Explore it and. I just need to do this and it wasn't until i stopped watching porn the first time i took a fucking break for like sixty days to like half a year. That all of these fetishes really started to just fade away. You know they were sort of still there but you. I'm willing to explore it just for funsies but there wasn't this craving and obsession so that it was really poor and that kind of drove drove the interest in going after being desensitized to it over the years so i was like you know what i saw what they did and i'm going to do exact same thing. Let's go down to that orange shop in my fucking I think he's near chinatown or north beach. The one in north beach across the street from the hustler club. So you guys can all go to the courts of course vibrations. You didn't go to good vibration not good vibes. I wasn't. I didn't know about good vibes at the time so i was. I was doing like this old school. You go late at night and you wear a disguise. 'cause you're kind of shit pause there because pegging. Let's just pause for anybody who doesn't know what pegging is. And you've you're looking it up on on google. Don't do it on your work computer to saying not say and not is wind. A woman has a strap on and penetrating the man from the but obviously century strap on has a dildo on it. Either of you see broad city your that. Tv show yesterday the scene that like sticks out to which is actually ironic is by the guy that got pegged. I went to high school with him. Bread like want it up mike. What is happening. Why do i know stephen schneider. Funny now he's doing guy forever. He's the guy dot eu rochman. Don't yeah. I had to stop telling the story because known as pakistan so we We go to the sex shop and Walk in and there's like i guess is becoming more and more popular. Because there is like a the pegging section there was the strap on section in his little. Do behind the counter. And i was like you know kind of like hey man. I'm trying to be like i've done this before. You know what i mean. Which is which is the overcompensating male. Toxic masculinity mindset of life arm taking strap on before i knew it i'm book doing takes my. Yeah so i go to the pegging section strap on section and with this girl and she's she's being nice about she's like well. This is what you want what you want out for your birthday. So it's okay and so it was driven by you. Not her yes. That's a common misconception. In the store in the story. I i kind of on youtube i frame it more like it was sort of her idea and whatnot but the reality is that was my idea hundred percent and when you hear about girls pegging dudes most like nine hundred ten times as the guy's idea but men will kind of like to try to play it off like it's not so they can maintain what level of masculinity they think they're losing so I was like yes my dear. I want the fucking big as one they have. I want the biggest strap on the anal nile leader. Five thousand with attachments with fucking spikes. This thing was rigged by the way it was giant purple intimate rib. It was so big. Had boss like you don't need a strap on all. It was so huge the in the guy it was only up top so you get a little step ladder and he brings this thing down and it's been sitting there for a while because no that stupid to use it. Does it off. And i was like. That's it that's my anal later. And he's like you're gonna eat for this one. I was like of course. Of course i mean. I ran out because you know i do so. He gives me like a little packet. And then we we pay for is expensive to now when i say like big. It's not the some fetish people probably listening to this like. Okay so it's big enough to like you. Can you know choke a donkey on this thing. It was like big for beginner. So about eight inches. And i don't know what that is centimeters for your european. That's pretty damn big. That's pretty inches. And girthy eight inches and girthy with ribbed bowls. I mean i read. Soiling the average is like five is pretty damn big thousand marginally through my research average to my vagina vagina. how what's the average dick size. Siri dick sizes likes us.

00:40:02 - 00:45:05

I like says the dirty ones. This is my asshole his all the big dicks echo dot also the so we were looking we get the biggest one. I got the biggest one and We go back to this hotel moore staying at because we didn't want to do in the place that we were living because we even have door adore at this place that we were living. We had a sheet. That's how i was like what. So we we get his hotel room and She's like all right. I'm gonna go bathroom and put it on us like yeah. Yeah take you. I'm like getting ready on the bed. Trying to be sexy all and she comes out and it's like it's like down to her knee and it looks so much bigger on on her than it does in the store. And i just i started to feel uncomfortable is like this is. This might not go planned. You know because in the porn you see the guy like taking. he's like. Oh yeah and whole idea is like oh i wanna be i wanna be the woman for once because he spend your whole life a man trying to just bring the best dick you can and it's not always the best for you. Try as hard. And i was like get to be the woman and i can sit there and just judge her performance and then just let her do all the work. Yeah let's do sweating. Some guys like to be dominated right. It's great you get to give up and funny thing is when girls. I've known have worn strap before they always realize just how much work it is and And then they feel a bit of empathy that like oh i can understand why the guy always falls asleep after he comes because he's from he's new he's doing a lot of fucking work it's ibm. Yeah i remember watching that video in broad city and i remember being like damn that looks like a lot of exertion. A lot of yes. It's a it's a it could be workout and you did no prep for this. You do not like relax. Take whatever it has popper what's your butthole or nothing like going into it thinking you're going to get it. The dateable podcast was not around in two thousand eleven. I add sex positive pleasure. Ed stuff was still on the fringes. You really had to scrape the internet for and i've since gone to after the. What happened. Happened since went to a bunch of workshops in san francisco where they talk about the stuff. And i'll bring that story almost like it's alcoholics anonymous. Like i is rodman was paid. We can talk about it in the same question. same question there was a fucking use lube fucking. Didn't know man fucking would a new job. I had no idea that you are. I knew you know and she she knew but again it was my idea sir. She wasn't an expert. She was just she had just normal anal. She's trying her hardest to you. Know to to to make me feel comfortable and situation. Gob lesser birthday lou on the thing on the strap on and then i just pick like a little dab and that would be enough. You know you watch the fuck and brokeback mountain. Was it heath ledger. Whoever was he's a spit in. But those are rough cowboys. So used to buy bear back in rough ron shit and so she takes it and i'm on my stomach as just like asking the ear. Honey i go ahead. Let's do it and she's like rubbing it on there. And i've never had anything back there so my thinking my i'm thinking like oh man this is it. I'm getting fucked as i can feels good. Ooh i'm like oh rochman. It's not in yet. And i was like man. Okay just was. I was like not even the tip. She's like no nothing i was like. Oh did you. don't you don't know guy. I never had a finger up there at that point. Just nothing so. I feel i feel something back there and i'm like this. It of getting fuck is just as good as i thought it was in the porn. This is so great. Because you're like trying to like get it ready to push it in so i was like. I don't tease me. You know put put the head in. This is only gonna get better if it feels this good. It's going to be real good once. He gets the whole thing in there. So she's like she's like i all right. She puts the head nod even the full head. A quarter of an inch and and immediately just clench up just calls. My buds seeks to snap. Ed and i started screaming. Jesus did you put the whole you put.

00:45:05 - 00:50:01

The whole thing is was just hard at the tip. I'm like sweating at. This point was like okay. Hotel managements come out big like is everything okay here yeah maybe comes shake all right for you so it was it was it was brutal and We she kept trying to talk me through it. She's like you got to breathe and relax and this goes on for like an hour and we literally don't get past the tip the tip. That's as far as we got. And i you guys are laughing like but that's all that's all i did and so from there. I learned empathy for one. Because i was always kind of guy who was like. Oh you periods duhamel girl. So that was just. I stopped asking that question. Hey apathy apathy. And then the other thing i did was never do pegging again like i was. I learned that what you see a porn. You're almost better to out to it. And then you don't have to like they do it for you so you don't have to do it yourself and what you think you're gonna like. It is the same as when you see it in in person. And so yeah. That was like i did that. And i was like us. I think i'm good and i stopped. I really stopped watching so much point after that as well and started just enjoying normal normal good old-fashioned christian sex. It's so true. I feel like porn has kind of really influenced people's expectations of what sex is i mean. I think it's good that it's giving people the ability to explore because he probably wouldn't have even had this idea if it wasn't for porn but it has given like upheld like unrealistic expectations for men and women right exactly. Yeah exactly and interview Let yourself get caught up in that you can just find yourself to be disappointed in the end but it kind of made me appreciate us just would have meant to have a normal connection with someone i really like and And not be so gung ho about the fetishes 'cause listening to some of your podcast episodes diaper fetish and whatnot. You have. sometimes these fetishes will ruin relationships and Especially if you just started off like we get that story all the time you know. I have a song today with a guy and it was going well and he was like. Hey i really like zucchinis up my butt. So maybe you'd be interested in and and the girls like i was like hell no. I'm vegan but not anymore. I dunno so long okay. We're gonna take a quick break from this hilarious story. For a couple quick messages this episode is brought to you. By z man games and array of fun games for adults one of which is called letter now in this card. Game your goals to win the heart of the noble princess who is looking for an ideal partner and confidant to help with her royal duties when she one day assumes the throne. Your goal is to enlist the characters in the castle to deliver your love letter while keeping other players letters away it's trickier than sounds powerful. Cards lead to early gains. But make you a target and rely on weaker. Cards for too long in your letter may be tossed in the fire. I find it to be a fun and nice twenty minute mental break during the day. This two to six player card game fits in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere. Love letters appropriate for ages ten and up and is available for eleven ninety nine through zemun games. You can find it at target your local game store or directly through zeman's web store. Let's face it. It's a weird time to be dating or developing relationships. Have you recently decided that you want to make some changes to your love life. Maybe you've recently re enter the dating scene. Maybe you've gone on one too. Many dates that went nowhere. Or maybe you're ready to take your current relationship to the next level. That is exactly why we created the sounding. Board a true extension of podcasts. That delivers a personalized experience which includes one on one coffee with us. A monthly dateable live after show exclusive audio content much more allow julian. I become your dating sherpas to provide real time guidance and wisdom in a more intimate way so we can navigate dating and relationships together. Join the sounding board today by going to dateable podcasts dot com slash sounding board again. That's dateable podcasts. Dot com slash sounding board. Okay let's get back into this combo. But i do give your girlfriend because the irony was that i i was actually sitting next to her at your show. I i remember that. Yeah and she was she. She was dying. I i love that. We got the behind the scenes that it was really you. That wanted it not her. That's the best part it's in the store. She was just dying and we also need to get her on the podcasts.

00:50:01 - 00:55:00

'cause we topic she offered to do too but that's another season me. I've ever getting behind the scenes. But i do think though like i like this. I'm open for it. You know like. I think that is something that is important in wall. Yeah there might be some dealbreakers. I don't want to ever say that people should try things like really uncomfortable with. But i think sometimes it takes try they to learn if you like it or not in your case. You thought it was going to be so that you liked to turn. You didn't but you you might have just been obsessed with this idea for like years if you just never tried it exactly. Yeah and if you have someone who's nice enough to go there with you it can be great and you know we continue dating beyond that. It wasn't like well he wanted me. Fuck me i was asked. I was like no thanks. That's yeah it's kind of a bonding moment. In a way. Yeah and every time we walk past that damn sex door thousands. You feel closer to her afterward. I did because it was sort of in the beginning. It was something that That brought together and we had since we tried it again. Actually oh this time with a much smaller one and Yeah and so then. You know that worked. That worked well. But i kind of knew that that was like again like a birthday thing you know is like once in a while. It couldn't just be on the menu so yeah so i mean that was That that was cool. That kind of brought together. A bit is funny. Because i'm forgetting what's what i say on stage and in what actually happened to different things so i'm trying to remember the I'm getting mixed up between like the stand up in the real story so the the stand up is like i never did. Pending again with the real story. Is i get with her and then ended and it worked and then after that i realized if i want to do this i should just see a professional Summer so i saw like a dominatrix. Exactly yeah so i. I saw dominatrix and then as i was like i would. I went to one. And i realized like the stop watching porn and then slowly started to fade away that kind of interest going to see a dominatrix and all that. So that's the the real story. Also there's a professional dominatrix who i've found watching pegging porn and i ended up doing an interview with her and she like reacted to my pegging story on youtube. So you can actually professional dominatrix like breaking down. What i did wrong. In the first thing she said she had like she was at full characters yet her whip and everything. She's like stop video. Stop the video. she's australian. What were you thinking. Do in a pagan without any leib. You fucking moron can take one thing away from this. That's it we're going to have to definitely linked to that at our dose here. Youtube is rochman blake right. Youtube is rock and blake. Yeah peggy peg. Porn star breaks down my pegging video. So yeah you just search pegging rochman blake. You'll find it right no to search pegging but sf is really good for that san francisco For trying new stuff and Getting into the dating scene and and getting weird and all that and the our show started there really because like people are kind of open those kinds of experiences and talking about it and I realized one of your previous guests that told the story about how the guy on the date got his dick caught zipper. She told that story. Oh yeah zipper. Dick zip predict i believe. She told that story at our show because it happened she soon. Yeah yeah. we used to give away to gifts cards and we let three people nestle full circle all and i believe it was. I believe is our show is soundly. She told story around the same time. It very much sounded like our show which is a single comedy show and then we had the storytelling portion of the show which starred in san francisco and then the storytelling portion was so good because of stories like hers that we just decided to make an entire show just around the storytelling portion of the show so we pivoted in silicon valley san francisco speak to storytelling show about dating just so people could really feel like they're not alone. They're not the only ones who yeah. They're dick cones zippers. I'm still. I'm still stuck on this part of the story where you said. We try to the second time in a worked. Can you elaborate on. What it works gonna vulnerable here. I don't like this Show us your card over. We can just skip over that. I'm trying to change the subject. I'm like san francisco's great place. Today stories no but wait. Let's talk about your incident. Work that shit.

00:55:01 - 01:00:01

So all right so so he would go back to the same store actually and And instead of looking all the way up on the sizes we look down on the floor for the smallest one and there's actually one that said beginner strap on kit and it was really meant for Dudes because i think it's it's a woman with the thing on and then it's like four guys or whatever and it's a tiny one and In a purple is black And yeah that one came with an instruction manual at least you know make sure you get a lotta lube and all that. I bought this that. I just put in the car and then We came back from burning man again. And a you're always feeling adventures at bernie. You're trying to relive the high. So i i had it. I was unpacking my trunk and forgot that. I had it in there. And we're staying my friends blow up mattress in palo alto add She had gone. Asleep is late at night. And i'd unpacked all the shit and so i see this little beginner. Strap on box honey. Already blow it. Badgers all right. Try again you know fucked up last time. But i got the we got the beginner one. She's like can you are able to you. Know whatever says he puts it on and in its it works in the sense like it went in and And i was like all right. Fuck me and she's like trying to kind of get some leverage the blow mattresses deflating so this kind of slapping around in this thing like bouncy house but it worked in the sense of like it. I was able to get the dick in and then it it fell okay like it wasn't like this what i've been looking for. It was just like this is. This is better than last time. Let's revisit the broad city episode so fresh for me. I just watched it yesterday. The whole point of contention was that she does peg him and it was really good and then she washes the dildo in the dishwasher. Deforms the dildo so she tries to find the the same one at the sex shop and when she tried to use it on him he was like no. That's definitely not the one. I'm guessing is you might have to just try a few dildos right one for 'cause he was very adamant that there's only one that's young to his butthole uses. I think maybe you know. I don't know maybe that's the case. Maybe you need a middle one. Like all the locks. Goldilocks of pegging. I really don't know. I had done it but not enough time to finally get to the point. Where like this. Is it foul golden dick. Haven't it kind of pets on on. I think the person doing. And i think that's one of the issues with it was when you are if someone is nice enough to do it. They're like all right. I'm doing it but you know like that. You know like some really into it. It'll just be your birthday. And that's when i was like maybe i should go try this with a pro. Let me try someone who knows what they're doing this is in. Sf again which is great because you can find any like find anyone to meet your sexual needs there or anything and we met at a play party and It was at this guy's house who's been doing. These play parts for years sort of southern us san francisco and one of the things with play. Parties is when you get there you. Are you wanna like kinda start. You're playing early because you get there late like everyone's got like saliva on them and it's kinda gross you know. Everyone's paired off the person you want is they're they're like in a closet somewhere sucking some days. Dammit i came here just reading. Gave him like musical chairs with dixie. Like all all taken so musical chairs again. So i get there and I was with with my girl at the time. But we're breaking up and we kind of knew. The relationship was was on the fritz and she was sort of in a in a place like the only dry spot. In one of these. Like c- of beds of people. I cooked up and fucking and i remember going over to her And i was about to fall. And there's other people around me as i'm going to ruin this or did it happen. And some woman sees me at the corner. I about to fall and she must be good multitasking because she was also sucking this massive dick. She's like she sees me like a shit she's like she's like here. Take my hand on ex. Like oh she gives me her hand. That was just on this massive dick a two hundred gigs. By the way to hander. To hand to hand dick also live it up here. Take my hand and i was like and then i had no choice because i was gonna either fall impale myself on this dick or take your hands.

01:00:01 - 01:05:01

Grab her hand. I'm like oh shit. Thank you samantha. I kind of sit down with my girl. I had stopped drinking at that point for like thirty days. I try to do these things where i abstained from things. Whatever and then i go back into it. And i go much harder so i was like all right no drinking for thirty days so i'm going fuck and takes whiskey and that's it but then i'm also take this random people a stranger gave me and that's it just one random pill one shot of whiskey. That's it that's fine. I'm taking it light. And i ended up throwing up projectile vomiting exercises rate in the middle of the orgy. And you never seen so many naked people just scattered bomb went off dick's tits. Everyone was just clearing the fuck out. And i feel i feel so bad because it wasn't like i wasn't blacked out drunk. So i remember everything. Saw is samantha. Big dick and the dues the everywhere m. I girl she was so she's mortified. Casinos over yeah. She likes me imprint. She likes have everyone. Have a good vibe and there. I am so gross. And the guy who owns the house. This must have had happened so many times. Because he's like yup. Did you get a pill from johnny electric. You can't take the clearance forms will do it to you happens every time he's like it's fine to clean everything up throws in the wash. I'm in the shower. He gives me a toothbrush. Supportive the play community as most people think play. It's like people going to be so weird and trying to shove broom. Stick up your ass. But he was so nice. he's like. Here's a toothbrush bro. And so then you know. I just go to sleep because i was feeling like shit and then i wake up at and i was like fuck you know. I missed the play party right. Like i miss the misfires. You don't you. Don't go to that many of them. I only go to me. Yes twice a year. Fuck missed it. But then there's a few people left. And so i'm like walk around. The house. turns like yeah. I'm feeling good rushing sticking like maybe there's someone around that i was the guy that puke everyone was gone by then so i was like a whole new batch of people so i was like that i did access from church so there was one girl who had just got off work. Like what do you do for work. She says i'm a dominatrix. Oh perfect house. I like peggy either pegging. She's like yeah. It's one of the things i do. Oh folk number. She's like yeah. Sure so then we meet up again at the same house Cashews the sky's roommate and We make plans to go to fund cowboy fondue fondue cowboy in soma. I don't know if it's still there fondue sitting there font a like cheese cheese cheese fondue restaurant doing this before. You're gonna peg like just so confused by you're not here. I am not an expert. By the way i'm not expert. Let you amateur. I mean i don't know cheese. It takes a while for the stuff to pass. Wasn't going to be like a seventy two hour pegging experience. I mean we had time. She seemed fine. So we're eating fondue and it's going well and she's kind of. I'm asking me about a job you know. And she was doing it for a while and she's very pretty blonde. Hair is very cute. And she's a little Fanny pack next to her. And i was like. What's in the fanny pack. She's like oh those are my party favours. Okay so we get back to the place as kind of party favors you got rolling here. And she's like whatever you want it's like nearly every letter of the alphabet and you ask before you did you do any poppers and i was like no. This girl had like everything Saw she moves up. So we're like snort in hand during the hall alphabet ed. Yes i'd fucking do drugs but just on occasion off. Don't tell you this will relax you. And she gives me a cap a. g. g. h. ghb and Yeah it was consensual day. It was awesome and i was like i'll take it and She gives me this thing and we go into the bedroom and she has her own strap on you put a condom on it and she cleans into whatnot and this was like I guess i'm more. What do you call a better one. The seventeen thousand put. It was put fashion more professional. Yeah and so she puts the thing on and then i lie down and she knew she was doing she put on gloves and then she started teasing my ass on and she puts finger in slowly and gets me warmed up. And that's what i did not do before. Yeah at that point. I'm like just begging for us.

01:05:02 - 01:10:03

Oh when he got fucked me she's like. That's what i liked here and i was like. Oh what's happening ed. And then she she starts and it was so good. It was so good Okay that good hangings. This has been so interesting person. You're such a good storyteller argue. Probably listen to tell stories all day long actually learned a lot of a lot about pegging takeaway from this whole conversation is definitely be open to things but maybe it's starting a little smaller. I think going for the big one like right off the bat might have been like. I think we're always like we want to do the biggest and the best like from day one but a lotta times like easing into something a little bit more. It sounds like with experience. As you're able to get that other takeaway. I have is like be open to try stuff like we kinda talked about it. Like i like commander girlfriend for like doing that. Like being there to like cut to go through that with you. And i don't think everyone would do that. I think that while again not saying that anyone should ever like push their boundaries beyond what they're comfortable with but at least stop to think like. Could i enjoy this. Could i try. What's the worst that can happen. If you really don't like it at that point you can be like. Hey i don't like this like if you want to like get this need matt later. There's another way but look at least you know. At least you're like we've heard stories of people just like shutting down fetishes in a kind of alluded to this earlier. It's like what is the right time right. Always too much but no one wants to be like shut down for their desires. Either so like hearing people out is always. I think the best way forward and weather ends up being something that's like a daily repertoire or like you know once a year on your birthday or never again. Then you could at least decide after you've given a shot a man. Yeah i love that. I just feel like when i'm learning from this is everything starts with a seed of curiosity and you can either choose to keep watering this. Eat or you can say okay. Maybe there's just a seed and i'm just gonna bury it. But i i like the idea of just building on top of it one by one i like the use. You planted the seed from porn. But also you're thinking like how can i. How can i move this along a little bit. So i felt like every experience you had with pegging was just building on and watering the seed and yes. I commend your girlfriend as well for being along for the ride and i think in a partnership. That's what it is. It's this is just an adventure in the to you. Forget the stigma. Forget even calling it pegging. Or that's a dildo. Were strap on. I think these are labels that are are damaging to us because they are stigmatized. But what if it's a toy and this is play and this is a position. Then there's just not that much stigma attached to it. I think anything with anal. It's just like for some reason. We i don. I felt my but just clench right. Now does even say you weren't anal. I don't know why we don't openly talk about this stuff. But that is the root of every good dating story always starts with some sort of anal play right so you are into it. Let's openly talk about it but also do your research prep for it. I had someone who told me about doing anal beads with a girl and she did not prep for it and she just projectile diarrhea the entire room because it did not pay for it. So i'm just saying with anal think with everything with play and fettuccine we've just got to do our research. No doubt do the prep work before we get to the you know climax and that's another product for dateable beginners guy. That's our new course. Of course it's going to be outside as pure meditation your medicine that i think one of the things. Though that i've heard this from guys outside of iraq men of there is the stigma of like with men because of this. You know like us feeling like it's gay and like all the stuff even men. They're bisexual like it's more of stigmatized role than like if you're a woman that's bisexual and i think it's up to women and men to kind of help de stigmatize that a bit like i think a lot of times like as a woman we make judgments also so i think in general like trying to be a little like more judgement free. I know it's easier said than done but looking at it as just like a pleasure zone in like someone like is exploring something that they're interested in not necessarily like if they use a dildo that means they're gay it could but doesn't need to mean that either absolutely and also if you are interested in this thing and perhaps your partner is not so much Be open to seeing professional like and even running it by your partner because one thing that if you're into female domination one thing they won't do is have sex with you so you can be were.

01:10:03 - 01:15:01

You won't be worried as a woman that your guy is cheating. He's just kinda getting his his his needs met in a way that perhaps you can't meet them but then he's right back with and you know he has a funny story to tell you if you're willing to outsource sometimes there are things that you just like. Hey i tried this. And i'm not willing to do it but i don't want to deprive you because i think when people feel like deprived of their needs. That's when things more resentment builds. But like i love this. Let's look at alternatives. Ep there is another way. It's not like going against your values or them cheating or whatever. Yeah i always believe. In outsourcing their why professionals are put into the positions are in because they're experts at it. So if i'm not very good at giving blow jobs please by all means woman down. The street who is an expert can do the job for me. I've actually proposed that to my boyfriend. He was like that is so weird. I don't like bad. I'm like if i want to end relationship. That doesn't mean anything right. Yeah you get your needs met. And i don't have to do it. I do think the biggest thing that i am getting from this though. I know you close with this. That's empathy but it is like i think just like the woman realizing like how much work there man is doing and epa to that and that also like being like okay. Maybe i won't be like pressing for but play all the time especially when they're not like crapton prepared right like you kind of have that empathy for the other exactly and be okay of your into anal play. I know i know taboo thing one of my best friends works in the er and she's like you know what the work i ever do in the er is taking objects out of people's asses because especially during kovic. She was like objects stuck up people's asses. She sent me a picture of the other day. She even recognize what this is fun. I look closely. And i was like i don't know what is it like. It's a fucking light bulb like this is how much people love anal play. But they're not getting it or they're not experimenting with it. They're not going to the sex shop to get actually safe objects to put up their ass. It was a light bulb. She seen electric toothbrushes in fact as a huge one. God are being one and she's those are the hardest because they're slimy so you do they pump it out. I mean come on guys obviously the date up to the fact that we are interested in curious about it. Let's these stigmatizes so we can use products that are made for the by and you're gonna have a section of the hospital. Just yeah just for just for the but go to the sex toy shop. Maybe start with the beginner bottle. I think we all learned from this. The one with the instructions right. Yeah and the other thing. Is you know people go in the er and they have their emergency contact and most of the people who do not call my emergency there. we go. We had a funny story actually from perth australia. Woman from the audience came up to tell a story and A guy had just purchased a little bullet and vibrator and he was playing around with an kind of you know putting it into now and then lost his grip on it and got sucked into her butthole and couldn't get it out so they had to go to the er and they had to help remove this vibrator that was still vibrating. And after eight hours from start to finish the whole experience they got it out and the thing was still vibrating and so leaves her nickname. While i think by fight along takeaway here though yes of guys a lot of bed like the play and women to also ask your partners. Not everybody you know so. I think it's like while there might be some at the end of the day. It's still leads to a communication dot just like a finger or dildo out of nowhere a hour for that story. Though she she was in she wanted to do it. Also but Two funny men rochman. You are full of stories. How can people. I know we gave your website earlier. And your youtube. How can people follow you on your adventure. a youtube and instagram's is the best and The show we tour around the world We try to do before covid. We would come san francisco twice a year And then we'd be do the states twice a year but now probably just once a year But you can find us at story party dot co and then if you just congolese story party tour you'll find all of our youtube instagram. And all that good stuff awesome. It will link all that in our show notes. Also thank you so much rock with. This was so much fun.

01:15:01 - 01:18:19

We're so glad that we were able to get you on dateable. Finally yes china. I forgot that we were doing dateable. I actually just thought we were like catching up with rock. So tell me about the time that you got an brought by the way it happened three times did you were you were you like. I thought this hanging stories. I've just glad that we got the real behind the seeds of what really went down. I'm happy about you. Guys are great hosts. Because you're you're sitting there like we know there's something else in audience you yeah. The audience is like great neck story. Would you guys like you live in san francisco along we. We know some so. Yeah i appreciate thanks. Oh there's more story for all of our listeners for us to get awesome guests such as rochman it really helps you give as a five star review in apple podcast just head on over there. Five stars quick comment about how much you love. Rochman really helps us to get great gas to get great content and to get awesome stories so people feel comfortable talking about stuff being up there holes on our show. You are never alone never anything. Yes and that yet. No sex no sexual adventures ever unique. If you thought about it someone else is doing it already. What i've learned. Yes okay. So on that note. We're going to wrap this up. Rochman and lubricated the database podcasts. As part of the frolic podcast network. Find more podcast. You'll love at frolic dot media slash podcasts. Want to continue the conversation. I follow us on instagram. Facebook and twitter with the handle at dateable podcasts. Tag any post with a hashtag. Stay dateable and trust us. We look at all those posts then head over to our website dateable podcast dot com there. You'll find all the episodes as articles videos and our coaching service with vetted industry experts. You can also find our premium lie series. We're we dissect analyze and offer solutions to some of the most common dating conundrums roseau downloadable for free. On spotify apple podcasts. Google play overcast stitcher radio and other podcasts platforms. Your feedback is valuable to us. So don't forget to leave us a review and most importantly remember to stay dateable. If you're addicted to love get ready to bend your heart out on discovery. Plus stream exclusive originals or classics. Like the bachelor. Plus you can explore the entire ninety day universe from the original series two new favorites like the single life with discovery. Plus you can get all the yeses all the dresses and all the han messes for just four ninety nine discovery plus is the streaming home of relationships plus so much more. Start your free trial today at capella university. You're in control of your education with the game changing flex path format. You can set your own deadlines and move at your own pace the faster you move the more you save visit cappella dot. Edu to learn more.

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