S13E11: Astrology & Dating w/ Kristina Bakrevski

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October 26, 2021
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October 26, 2021

S13E11: Astrology & Dating w/ Kristina Bakrevski

The stars are aligned and we're going wayyy beyond sun signs compatibility as we talk to Astrologer Kristina Bakrevski about how the key characteristics of all the signs play into how you show up in relationship

Astrology & Dating

The stars are aligned and we're going wayyy beyond sun signs compatibility as we talk to Astrologer Kristina Bakrevski. We discuss the key characteristics of all the signs that play into how they show up in relationships, why our birth charts can help us understand our own relationship patterns more, and how to use astrology to strengthen your relationship (with others and yourself).

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Episode Transcript

S13E11: Astrology & Dating w/ Kristina Bakrevski

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The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves.  I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world.

Hello dateable welcome to another episode of the database. Podcast where we examine. What's happening modern day day. Who's doing what who's doing. Who why are they doing it. That's up so gossipy now. A reality tv series. We're week we dissect the story of one person. This is a copy of reality tv series. Lisa's hooking up with greg. And you're like who are they and i'll just say my neighbors. It's just like random gossip with people you don't even know this is our offshoot. This is our areas are ratings. Are going to be really high but i think are y'all will like this one. This one's evolved astrology are personality tests episode. Did really well. And i think astrology those topics that maybe some people don't wanna that they read their horoscope. And you know. Study this stuff. But i think it's really cool and there's something to be said about the study of astrology. I've definitely gotten sucked into astrology. Take talk where it's like. Only i've ever like someone asking me. What do you see. Take because it's all based off the algorithm of what. You're looking at and embarrassed to admit that i a lot of strategy todd coming out but what i'd like to say is this conversation. We have with christina. I feel like tick-tock astrology is just skimming the surface yet went so much deeper than the bustle articles or the thought catalog articles of. I'll look at of. What is your side who are compatible with so. I'm glad that we dug deeper. Because i don't know i think some of that's like guilty. Pleasure sometimes comforting to read it. But i always was like. How much weight do i give this. But i feel like she just went layers. Deep of this episode it's astounding to realize that there is a whole other world of astrology that we don't even know about and you can devote your entire lifetime to learning more and more about it. It's the stars as a universe however is related and connected so it makes sense so many layers chew astrology. Well i think one of the things we talk about the cheap brought up was the different seasons. So obviously your birth chart how it affects you but there is also the underlying you know as we go into different months of the calendar year everyone for instance in libra season right now and she was saying that it allowed her to have conversations because every season kinda represents different change that's happening in pieces of reflection point and she was able to have conversations partner then have reflections on her own based on the season so we are coming off of lebron's season. I didn't even know this until we just look this up right now. We're give lever season and for anyone. That's curious leaper. Season is teaching you how to find belonging this is the meaning of what lebron's season represents basically cuts libra season is teaching you how to find belonging with others while keeping the balance between connection in tawny remember. You're not everyone's caretaker. You're responsible only yourself being a space of compassion with boundaries seeking give from your overflow. It's basically saying it's not selfish to put yourself first sometimes and you actually can give more if you honored yourself inhabit care. I feel like some people really need to be hearing us right now. So you're welcome for us. Bring to your attention. You're not other people's caregiver and you are not responsible for other people. You're only responsible for yourself. And i know a lot of people who have the hero complex. Who see people as projects when it comes to dating and say they wanna fix someone. I've also heard this phrase of you know this notion of if only this person could see how great i am for them. They'll appreciate all. I've done for them if others are not aligned with your values and what you're looking for. They're never going to appreciate what you're giving to them. So i think this what you're reading to me is. Sometimes you gotta give a little bit less and use that surplus for yourself as well so you got to love yourself before you can love others. I think i struggled with this for a long time. Because i think i am kind of a natural caretaker of a cancer so we talk about that in this episode in great detail but i think there is this notion that sometimes putting your needs ahead of others selfish.

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Yeah especially like you know if someone is in the best place for instance and it's taken me a long time to realize that it's not selfish and it actually allows you to be a better partner and you know maintain your own happiness which can really only come from within as you and i just got off of a spoiler alert for next week. A happiness expert. So i think it's this reframing that this is selfish but it's really a way the you actually can give more to people and when you give so much it inevitably builds up resentment because then you feel like it's unequal. You feel like you're you're partners constantly taking. Why haven't they stepped up. When you haven't communicated that you're just the one giving and giving so it. Maybe it's like a season to pause And of reframe and give yourself a little bit more. You have to do this quickly because we're actually coming out of so you gotta we've given you all ever flex six hours to go. But we are actually headed to scorpio season So scorpio season. His as the zodiac fixed waterside scorpio season is serving emotional intensity raw thrills in deep transformations slow. It's important to embrace the influx of emotional real mess even if it's scary because if you don't it's likely to come out be passive aggressiveness. Jealousy power struggles or obsessions. So it's really all about coming to terms with emotions that are happening for you. Wow okay so you're gonna start feeling things that me somewhere to. It's like the season of transformation of some change of some chefs. Which actually kinda makes sense that you know. Were going into click closer to the holiday season. Here jato yup. There's going to be a lot of reflection time changing of the seasons changing of the year. I think we will be a- probably diving into ourselves a little deeper in this season so that you're right that does make a lot of sense so for anybody who is dating during cuffing season because we are also initially in cuffing season. Maybe it's also a good time to not fill up your calendar with too many days take the moments to reflect and reconnect with yourself and get in a good place before you get yourself out there again or not But i think it makes sense. We're coming off a season where you should place a focus back on yourself and then going into another season where it's let's use that reflection for good. I do like this notion of the seasons. Like i'll admit this isn't something that i've really paid much attention to until now and i think that's been struggling to get the words out of what these mean but i like it because it means that nothing's forever that everything is just a season exactly that and i think sometimes when things aren't going our way it's easy to feel like it's gonna be forever but to remember that it's just a moment in time it will pass and things will change and it doesn't mean that if you are a super half he that next season's going to be horrible but it means that like life is just evolving inconsistently different seasons. Yes yes nothing's permanent and it's a like an old gives me a little bit anxiety but also i'm rest assured that things never stay the way they are forever so yeah it's it's good to know their season. There are seeds so many seasons. And there's a reason for that of their season today too. So it's a your horoscopes. He's really wanted to go through a horse. I really wanna go the horoscopes. I read them on a daily basis. I will admit i go through l. uk because. I was told by a friend that they have the most accurate or scopes. I don't know what that is. But here's yours julia curb your enabling tendencies. Today a needy loved one may attempt to strong arm. You into prioritizing there needs over your own. Wow this all very much related but a less. This is truly a crisis. Don't allow your boundaries to be crossed if you feel like you're constantly bailing. Someone out encouraged them to foster a sense of independence Wait them to resources. That will empower them to solve their own problems instead constantly. Leaning on you. Wow i think actually is pretty accurate. If i i think the what about horse go we go into that. With our guests cristina dot was not a fan of horoscopes. Because she's like. I'm not a fan but i do think okay like yes the uae. She was the fed is that they're very general and people will find what works for them in them yet.

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But i do think i am the type of person that wants to fix things a lot of times and i think i also. I've learned that. I need to like relinquish control in relationships and just everything and i think that's what sometimes we actually diving into this and are finding your person program. I think a lot of people struggle with control and that's one of the reasons that data could be so hard because you're almost like need to relinquish that control and you need to trust that that other person's gonna step up and do the things that they say they're gonna do and i think like all of that does tie into what you just said is that i need to just trust that. Someone's got it you know. I don't need to be the person that's always there in doing. All things like people are capable human beings. He has the feel freeing to know that. Yeah i think so. I think so. 'cause it's like what do you think about it. I think a lot of times. We think we can help. And we can do it. And i think that's the benefit of relationships connections and this is romantic relationships as friendship. This is every type of relationship the benefit is that you do have that person to lean on right to talk to but i think it really has to come from within any ways in. I always need to remember that like all. The people are even. If i wasn't there they get through it yeah. I think about the volleyball analogy. You can't get someone despite the ball but you can set. Set up the ball for them. To speak in is the same thing. You can't do everything for other people because they don't think like you but you can certainly empower them to find a way to give them that love and support and that's ultimately that's the benefit that you're providing the the only benefit you can't go through the motions for someone so true so true that's great. Well that's a pretty good horoscope. Here's mine try. A little tact. Aquarius dying well. You may have a salient critique. That would help someone out of their current situation beat diplomatic when it comes to your delivery overly candidate statements come across his harsh today as powerful. Pluto butts heads with fiery mars. Don't limit your assessment to the things that aren't working incorporate more positive praise into the mix gonna deliver like a blood statement to be like tomorrow. No i i know exactly what. We're the supplies you. Oh it's work it's work. I am very direct with my communication and in chinese it translates to junior. Like people would describe your very jer. It means direct. Even that word sounds very direct. And i understand that some people. Don't take that as paul and it could come off Not very friendly. Sometimes when i just want to communicate how something can be better but there are different ways to deliver that news. Actually my partner has the same thing to me. He thinks i'm very direct. And i need to soften my approach. So yes i. Will you know what. I'm going to put some cushions around my words today there. We go okay. So i think the beauty of horoscopes is though you can find within it. What applies to your personal situation yet. And i think yeah it might. It shouldn't be the ruler of how life is gonna go. We talk about this the episode. But i had these like very black and white article. That was like these. Four signs are going to end their relationship by october. Fifteenth at at feels so aggressive to be. I think what's nice about. Astrology is the point of reflection. Yes and with all of these like the personality test the scheme tests to i think it gives you a different perspective about who you are and maybe we should read them as starting with the word may be you know instead of like. This is definitive. I think we should take horoscopes as a decision maker for us but maybe it does open up another door for us to think about something a little bit differently right. And i think we've heard this too on especially schema is because it is you know the autzen beliefs that up. You'd like they're selling wrong with me. Because i have them and there isn't anything wrong. There's no like horoscope. There's schema that's better or worse than another. They're just different in. The idea is that there might be supposed with whatever that is and there may be some areas. We want negative areas to be aware of two hours gone. There's you're not seeing any of those areas to work on. How can you grow as a human so. I don't think people need to take them as like. There's something flawed with me. Because i have everyone has something. There is a sign for everyone. There's not like one month that doesn't have one right. no that's capricorn. People agree capricorn are going to be alone forever. No just kidding. I think it's because of the of data the past like now bad record just cried right now please.

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Don't cry. please. Listen to the rest of this episode. But i do wanna get to our question because again. It is related to this. This person wrote in and said hi dateable girls that voice to visualize person so this person. I love taking tests. I've done the personality tas scheme of status. I also love reading your horoscopes and recently discovered that my partner and i are not compatible by any of these. However i do feel satisfied in this relationship so should i really take these incompatibilities as red flags or should i just say. Give them the middle finger. Yeah well you know. We also talk about this in this episode. You can't say that these tests are going to help you make decisions. That that's not what they're used for. They may shed some light on some conflicts. He may have experience. I think is really harsh to say. You're not compatible. How can any test judge if two people are compatible or not so you can throw the middle finger to that but take tests as a way to glean this other perspective of what may be going right in your relationship and what could use a little bit of work yes. I think we need to remember that. People are diabetic. We had frank. Was our resident myers briggs experts that we had an and he actually strongly advised. Do not put your results in your profile because people will make blanket statements and i think a quiz is good because it helps you understand yourself better. But it's also a generalization. Yeah and i think to hold someone accountable of oh baby. Were not compatible from a generalization. I don't know if that's really the thing that should be telling you. If they're compatible enough. I think trust your instinct is probably gonna hold a little boy because you know this person. They are not whatever. They're like four letters like emt p that does not describe them or that there are cancer. Whatever it may be like. I think yeah i think you the take them at face value in not make this more in distinguishing point to break up with somewhat because to pat ability. Can you imagine that break-up conversation. I'm breaking up with you because our signs are not compatible. Sia okay that's gonna go over really well but even in this conversation that you're all about to hear julian. I are not compatible with our partners according to the compatibility chart because we have neighboring signs with our partners and here we are so christina. Also says that she's also dot combat both her ed. That's on the sun sign. And she goes into that. There are so many more ways to measure compatibility beyond just kind of the surface level. That's what's on the cosmo quizzes. Is you know. I think that's another thing to do him. Whoever wrote this an definitely to this episode it. Maybe it's an opportunity to find compatibility in other dimensions. That aren't necessarily the ones that you looking at. Yes a k. Quick announcements so at dateable podcast. That's the place to follow us. Put up all the clips of our guests. That's always fun to look at. Follow us on youtube. If you wanna see. Our lovely faces are recording arrangements. The facial expressions we make record. Somebody could really thrilling. You're missing out. If you have a you are definitely miss out. So get on that. And then of course love in the time of corona by the dateable podcasts. The facebook group and the sounding board. I'm gonna do a quick. Psa of the sounding board because we had a little confusion here. You do need to go to dateable. Podcasts dot com slash sounding board in sign up. It is a paid subscription. Cancel at any time. it's totally risk-free. But you do need to pay for that because it is more of our premium community where there are hosted events that happen virtual events every week. There's the weekly sound off that are led by our wonderful host team. And then you. And i also do office hours to answer any questions. We've had a lot of people trying to join the facebook group directly without signing up. We'd love to have you. We just need you to sign up so go to dateable podcasts dot com slash sounding board once sign up. We'll let you write in. You can join the fund. What a lovely. Psa doesn't that just make you sign up folks. I just hate said the vestige like hey we ahve you at our system to try to get ahead of it also sharing his carrying. We love it. When you share our podcast with your friends or colleagues or friendly's let's say it's such a great way to start conversations and to even bond over the some of the topics julian.

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I spend our time discussing the topics even after we record the episodes because some of the mark just so complex that you wanna spend more time talking about it all so sharing sherry lee share our instagram share. Whatever you like Sure your friend or frienemie would also appreciate it. Yeah and that's another. Psa the sounding board. Because i feel like one of the things in the sounding board is the weekly podcast discussion group and a lot of people have really enjoyed those because it does let everyone go a little deeper than just listening. You have that sounding board to cut a bounce off ideas and talk more in depth the revelations you've had for listening all of that around a guided topic for shore cool. Let's get into our quick message from our sponsors. This episode is sponsored by better help. We adaptable are huge. Fans of therapy and better help can match you with your own. Licensed therapist and connect you in a safe and private online environment. Me for example. I was able to start communicating with my therapist in less than forty eight hours. It was so quick now. Better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches and it's more affordable than traditional offline counseling. They're licensed professionals specialize in everything from dating trauma stress anxiety trauma with a big t. Depression grief you name it. They have someone who's an expert in that we dateable wish for all of you to live a happy healthy life and that's why it's a listener. You'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting our sponsor at better health dot com slash dateable. Join over one in a million people who have taken charge of their mental health again. That's better help spelled. H. e. l. p. dot com slash d. a. t. e. b. l. Support for dateable is brought to you by in scipio. Scipio offers legendary protection. For all of your devices from phones to airports tablets they obsess over there tech to protect yours. It's like incipient. Line of products was made for me because with their phone cases. My phone is protected from drops as high as fourteen feet. The cases are also wireless charging compatible. And there's a lifetime warranty so they've got you covered. I have the organic court clear case which is made up of one hundred percent compostable materials that reduces landfill waste. I naturally reentering the environment from where it started. All the packaging is made out of one hundred percent. Recyclable materials with eco friendly water based ink. Alfred dateable listeners. Only we have a special offer. These incredible cases are now available for purchase at in scipio dot com. And you can use the code dateable for twenty percent off. That's i n. c. I p. i l. dot com and use the code dat ab l. e. For twenty percent off okay. Let's hear it firm christina all about astrology. What is this astrology. And this is why. We have our guest for this episode. Her name is christina because she is our astrology expert. Julie and i have talked about astrology for a long time. But we're obviously not expos but who is pristina. She's thirty five years old currently in la born and raised there although she did a minor stint in san francisco. She's in a monogamous relationship. Astrologer and writer for astrology. Dot com malcolm l. Thank you so much for having me honor to be here. But here's a definition. I thought this was interesting. I wanna pull up the wicked pedia definition of astrology as a pseudoscience claims two divine information about a human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects it could also be the study of the influence that distant cosmic usually starts planets. have on human lives so christina. Does that sound pretty in line with what you think astrology as well. I don't know any astrologers that would classify astrology as a science okay. It's not an exact science. I would classify mores like moore's like in are more of a language one ling line one the humanities than this really exact science. It's really such such a lived experience. It must be felt in observed of your body. And it's it sounds so i don't know maybe to some people like howard the planets all the way out there in affect how you are your personality. What goes on in your life. Doesn't feel that out there to me to me that like you know the sun. The sun affections how mars or venus in all these other planetary affect us. So that's my answer to that. Yeah i feel. Like there's a zillion articles out. There of these signs are compatible.

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Or what is your astrology. Mean your love life so we're really excited to have you here to talk about astrology and dating and relationships because i think a lot of people put a lot of weight on it so we want to debunk. If it's sure dot and how does use it. Yeah i mean. I feel like when i was first into astrology and always enough impact with. I had a crush on her. I would like scope to try to get an idea always and if and if they were on the cusp i would choose the one that was more beneficial for me. We like no no no. They're on the cusp. So more aries today. Well i think that's a really good start to this is let's go into you know like what are the sun signs. You're gonna tell us to go beyond just the sun signs at what are they like. How do we kind of view this yet with compatibility so a hill like with modern popular astrology. What you see in magazines. That's more ubiquitous in our culture is like the sun signs and that's basically just signed. The son was in when you were born and you a lot of wheat into that and yes it's very important aspect of our chart and we are but we are actually all the signs and all of the planets so all of the planets all of the signs affect our lives and our experiences and personalities are upbringing everything in everything in our lives so not just the sun. So that's the first thing that i have to say about placing a lot of weight onto is your sunshine. Compatible license sign old. Were so much more than not because we have an entire charton silly a moment we reform planet was in assign and so these planets are in relationship to another including the sun so it just goes so far beyond like what sign the sun was and so for anybody who may be a little bit new to astrology when we were talking about sun signs were just talking about the sign their astrological sign that that you would read in a horoscope got him yes yeah And not usually relates to. I said the sign that the sun was in when at the moment of your birth but also we have moon signs. We have vena signs. We have lars signs. We have Evenly the outer planets which are indicative of the generation. That were a part of for example. A lot of people have pluto in scorpio because bhutto takes fifteen years to transit assign and so everyone who's born within that time period like close to around you can have the same ludo sign and not just represents the generation and so if you have fluency vio- view are that's i guess another way to think of is like your art of the millennial generation in in south tyrannus. They're a part of the gen z. Generation can go back to people who were born with neo their boomer generation. So you can choose. Hell that kind of influences a part of you but it's not like it influences you subtle personal level. Why do you think there's such an emphasis than on the sun sign and there's all these different ones because that's what you see in everywhere in sure. Yeah i think it's just because it's easy to understand an easy god the sign it represents our ego. Our will our personality our spirit. I'd like to thank our sunshine and it's like our higher self who unlike a spiritual level but a lot of people don't immediately resonate with their sunshine and than they are kind of like okay. Wall astrology is fake so around. You know my brother says this all the time to validly him the king sir. He's like i don't like it sucks. Like i don't like the description cancer. Julia loves a cancer. Ask you definitely want to go through the key characteristics. Because that's like there's i swear. There's a new thought catalog article every day about your your astrology and how that plays into romantic relationships. And i think it kind of the critic might say that you're reading the ones that resonate with you In maybe like not taking the ones that don't what would you say. And how true do you think these are there are. Let's say positive and negative aspects to every sign because we're we're much more than just the good parts of ourselves right. We also have the shadows we also were very multidimensional In so i feel like picking and choosing the parts that resonate and maybe like dismissing the ones that don't is navy dismissing aspect of yourself that you don't really want to see maybe not ready to see the most helpful thing about astrology for me in mind.

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Journey has been about using it as a tool for self discovery. So it's not just like oh you know on a mojo so you know that would be like just focusing on the good stuff and it's like okay. Well there's also chateaux aspects there is negative aspects to look at you and more. We really accept all these different aspects of ourselves. Compassionately offers more love that we have deeper knee are like closely more intimately our with our sons anything. That's view thing. Yeah i have a technical question for you to learn quickly for people who are on the cusp like me. I'm on the cusp. For everything. I'm the cost of capricorn and aquarius among the cusp of chinese zodiac. Sign of the cock. The rooster and The monkey so i feel like timezone kind kinda plays into it. Because when i was born i was on know who's in beijing and that were in a western time zone. I would have been a day before. How should we read our sides. If we're very much on the cusp and different time zones okay. So i'm just gonna like navy. Unpopular indian hotcakes but hostile to most professional astrologers needed. most astrologers. i know Aren't real the sun is either in one way or another and so on you. I think he might have had like a late. Twenty nine degrees son but the second shift one degree it is now zero degrees yup so very clear their divisions within the zodiac. It's not it's not that ambiguous. So my thing for you. If i would wanna look at your full chart and usually there's other planets that travel really close with the saen and so if you are cancer but you know a lot of you come off as like very leo. Maybe you have venus and leo. Maybe you have mercury nia. So that's why am. I really emphasize looking at the entire church like Were so much more than just some signers other planets that really influence our expression. Pitino sidney think sun signs hold wheat then like is that like the moose sherman edge. Okay absolutely. I think it's a it's like a nice equivalent of the big three. Which is your son. Sign your moon sign which moon represents or warlick on a on the inside and nine closed doors like the really you how you are what your instincts are your subconscious or motions and all of that is formed a very young age so children are actually more their mood. Signs and then eventually kind of developed into some. Oh so you're would you say sunshine's are more socialize. Yeah definitely just to go back. The third one of the big three. The third place is your ascendant and not is very very personal heart of you as well. Because you're sending is essentially a people's first impression of you number one it's described as like war outer But also i like to think of it as your rising into sunday near the coming in this lifetime so that could be diametrically opposed from your son sign national. Why people were like. I don't know ric like okay. Let's let's Bring it into more of a holistic approach and really consider everything so they're the same like signs though like throughout their just knew you would have a different one for your mood and your senate. Y- yes yeah. The ascendant is calculated Disappoint on actually a planet. But this is what i tell people in my readings. Your cendant sign is if i was at the hospital. Slowly location matters. When you're chart. I was at the hospital or in the house. The minute you choke your i read and i was facing the eastern horizon. The constellation that was rising on the eastern horizon is considered your rising sign and so yes so it does sort of math involved in astrology on this like degrees in points and that sign is constantly moving it changes every two and a half hours whereas the sun takes about three days to transit assigns. So that's why. I say it's really personal. Important point in your chart that really marks the beginning of your chart.

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So that's your senate. Sinus considered your first house and then signs following your second. Your third work. Basically like the slices of the pie dodds makeup the entire zodiac. And that's why. I say we are all signs. All of the signs are somehow express or reflected through us just in different areas of our life. it sounds very much like nia graham. I'm using their different practices. But it the whole point of india graham that you are related to the other personalities as well giuliano your moon sign. I don't know my moon cy out. This is so interesting though like this is like so not talked about right now but we hear people all the time have judged their potential date reinhard sideway. I've ever i had someone like on a day. The gap awhile ago. Being like oh. I'm a leo. you're cancer. We're super compatible. And then i was like wait. I don't think we are admittedly i. Should we just end this now. But i guess my question for you is what are kind of like the. Stereotypes may be with all the signs. Can you kind of walk us through. Lake water like associations. People make or characteristic characterised stereotypes. Let's judgy will start with the first sign which is aries and aries is ruled by mars. Who's the funding of the god of war. So that's why aries. Come come off as very combativeness aggressive or go getters and go after the things that they want like with the quickness very impulsive and so mullah the signs yet their characteristics from a planet one of the seven traditional planets has like a rulership over every science. And this is where. I just want to the people that don't know this out of my. You know your mood. These are all of the associations of the signs are from the planet that rule assigned select ours ares Understand how an aries who they are. You understand the characteristics of mars and remind me again which months are aries. Oh the beginning of spring so it's always airy starts on the spring equinox is usually like march One year march twenty words until like mid april and then so aries. Erie's is like the first breath of air when you're when you're first born areas like straight out the womb like let's go you know they're like full seem ahead at life so my favorite thing about the zodiac is how every sign is different. So like you say. Aries is like a really fast moving sign and then the next sign over is taurus morrison Bulls slowly slow at home. Right like sensual in earthy. Don't rush a torres because tale. It's just not gonna happen. Horses run on their own time. So you know. Areas is a very like outward external kind of energy and then taurus is more like a relaxed in journal. So you kind of see these these differences so are the two compatible or they're opposing. Well i guess. According to sun sign astrology they wouldn't be compatible because they're averse to each other so signs that are next to each other are moves foot do signs. There are two signs away from each other paddle. How inches dang signs that are three signs away from each other. They have their differences. They might be butting heads than they're more supportive so there's just another slovene lake rules and there's just so many things you have to learn When you when you get into geology Early social life lifelong process. So i've dated everyone that's bid a cancer or by car partner is odd. I guess a jabbed. I because he's jeopardized cancer caused but that doesn't exist urged what's sunshine it gemini. Everyone i've dated is bid like knee. Is that like just trying to find myself. The spry would be like. Oh love to know what your venus is because okay is a planet in our chart shows us what we're attracted to the texan partners that we attract where we would attract said burgers When we're talking about relationships. Venus is really the planet that you want to look at. You wanna make sure the audible. Venus signs with the person that you are crushing on. How do we know what our venus sinus. So there's many different ways of your char astro dot com and they'll just generate of free chart for you. My favorite chart tracking app is called time passages.

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It's a free app but if you wanna get the whole chart for either you or whoever whoever's information that you put in i think it's like ninety nine cents. I literally have like so many of my friends. My old rushes ran. I matt the bar like these are like all. My friends are a family like why. Okay so we left off at taurus. Okay tourists towards sources. Chill or as is you know they move slow. But that's that's kind of the base. And the next is gemini. Gemini geminis more airy wasi shoddy very social. It's very like ruled by mercury and mercury Moving planet in some. This is where you get a characterizations of gemini because mercury is the planet of communication. It's planet of thiede. Information travel many different signification of mercury in so. That's where mark gemini syria types from the very talkative geminis. Aloma love to shot. So i've dated a few geminis like master communicators maniac a little bit manipulative talking about the shadow sides of i'm scared of geminis to put it out there. They can just think just talk their way in and out of every situation and they really like me with our charm and they're curious people in so not like managed to get whatever they want just like. I don't know chatting you up charming. That is very true of all the gentleman is. I know you an inside on the next sign as cancer. Cancer is a little bit more waco internal slower slower moving sign. I guess i'm kind of trying to explain. How zodiac is this really beautiful pattern or cycle of like external energy and the internal anginal in internal. Right it's like that's how it balances the south right exactly. So cancer is a little bit more like the hall or big focus of home they folks around the family big focus around of feeling things very extra highly sensitive ruled by the moon and so again all of the signification of cancer we get from the moon the moon represents mother in the chart so cancers can be very mothering very like very caretaking loves to nourish be nourished like nursing the people around you. Let me make sure you're comfortable. The energy of cancer also like highly intuitive highly june to the subtle energies routes so like extra also out there he. I come pretty intuitive. I always like say like. I always have like a sixth sense. Something is coming before. Cas finding on the spidey senses on him. Service are light just. My best friend is a cancer and the times in down octopus. Random checks purchase reciting senses told me that like know. We should chat or something like that. How did you have you know it's interesting. That cancer is right next to gemini. So how do the two. How can the to work together once more external ones more internal asking for a friend. Jude i i guess we can all learn a lot from every sign. I feel like one thing that jam. And i can learn from answer is geminis are very of the surface like they just kind of skimmed the top a little bit can be a little bit superficial on whereas cancers really create an appreciate tap and substance and so geminis can learn how to be little bit more thoughtful more touchy wore explorative of of what's down neath and below the surface. So ya like they can. Yeah they can learn from each other for sure. That's just there. A naturally being is definitely very different. Interesting let's hold that thought for a few announcements. Have you ever thought about how much better dating would be if you had a whole army of people supporting you. Along the way we know that eating can be frustrating and lowly but it can also feel fulfilling and fun. Have you recently decided you wanna make some changes to your love life. Maybe you've recently re enter the dating scene. Maybe you've gone on many dates. That went nowhere. Or maybe you're just ready to take your current relationship to the next level. That is exactly why we created the sounding board a true extension of our podcast that delivers a personalized experience which includes monthly office.

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Hours where you can drop in and chat with us about anything weekly sound offs with guided discussions and regular virtual. Happy hours. Allow giulinai to become your dating sherpas to provide real time guidance and wisdom in a more intimate way so we can all navigate dating and relationships together. Join the sounding board today by going to dateable. Podcast dot com slash sounding board again. That's dateable podcast dot com slash sounding-board. Okay so after cancer. What is a can you is ruled by the sun and the sun. Being the center of our solar system contention song okay. So leo's i'm leo too. So and i was like a theater major. So i love yup attention. Love having all eyes on me but wave and i heard it described once was like you can't help but notice the sun and that's kind of how it is with leo's like the sun is literally right. Their entire day revolves around the sun and the sun racist warm firm brings life and happiness. Enjoy happens when there's no sun thing about like winter months. Yeah agnes yeah like. It's not as fun with the sun. So so that's where nieto's get the signification of loving to be center of attention. Not all leo's like lovett. It's like sometimes they just can't help it or like they just can't that's just there's something about their spirit or something buffer energy that is just so commanding i would love to see. The percentage of tick talkers. Who are ovalles. got five percent. Yeah y'all are also the entertainers of the zodiac. Very entertaining funding extremely royal airy dramatic but can leave very rightful. maybe a little self centered little ego eh. I feel like with me. I'm speaking from personal experience. A lot of the leo's. I talk to just kind of like my observations. This like there's meals have such a huge heart in if it's not they're not really able to share and express that it's it's like i can't breathe you know it's a huge ears and getting a lack of oxygen so it's not sharing of love not receiving of love. That reciprocal like you know. Back and forth is is super important. That's like oxygen to toledo. Okay what's next next virgo. so where your house like. This really outward like demotic expression rooms are low but were pared-down organs are like. I only need what's necessary very i guess. You know the stereotype of burgos off their perfectionist but really in news this search. Or what's you're like getting downtown purest essence of something and so my boyfriend's actually verville just the tension to detail in the way that he threw his are through his personal expression. way that he's really Look at the details in ways that like not people that i know is just is truly extraordinary like their superpowers. Every site has their superpowers. So that's fascinating that you and your boyfriend are also neighbouring signs. We are so we actually don't have technically compatible son signs however his venus sign and mars sign which are two planets that have a lot to do with relationships in pot ability. Like i said who is this way you attract what you're attracted to mars is martha's like our sexuality our drive what really turns us on more. Like the lusty kind of sexual side. Sexual nature both of those friends. Kmart leo and they're sitting really close to my son and so that is an example of how we are super compatible whereas like our sun signs ne- not additionally compatible so there's other aspects in our charts that lineup very beautifully and also just to know like you don't have to be fully one hundred percent compatible with your partner like there's no charts that are going to be like yet respectively ryan. You're going to have incompatibilities you're going to have you know you're gonna be difficult your different than the person that you're is an even learn things from yes. I definitely want to address that once we get through all the side. Yeah i'll be a major question. Okay so after. Virgo will by mercury When it went server go. Like where are we in the end of august september I think it changes every year to the exact dates because now our reporting calendar isn't exactly in line with the soviet What's next after.

00:50:13 - 00:55:01

Virgo is libra k. Currently were lever season. Son is currently in libra. At the time of this filming but lebron stereotypically against the rule by venus. So they're all about connection there. All fouts hannah like the same as a gemini. I being very social. I guess the main thing about lebron They wanna connect their main focus. This really like the other person like what they're thinking and know am i. Is it like harmonious so the site of the symbol of libra is on the scape. So for libra 's main motivation is keeping things harmonius being in balance making sure that everything will think in equilibrium. They're like the most relationship oriented sign a say they are probably on. Relationships are searching for really. Yeah yeah i mean. My moon is in libra. So this would be out of expresses this like really deep subconscious instinctual desire to of people anyway. Levers can be like very flirty very charming. Because they're always just trying to connect with other people whether it's from friendly whether it's romantic or no however yes. The libra 's i've dated have been major net workers he loved networking. They love going to social events. I love connecting people. They're very good at that. Yeah evenly levers love love love of all kinds of that's like the emo without love. It's like they die. After that is working or mueller is ruled by mars or is again where libra is more about like the superficial kind of surfaces like networking aspect of relationships or views are like the intense compassi ing passionate that like i want to devour your soul type of you know relationship it that that would be more more in line with or way of thinking. They're concerned their main concern is jeff. I don't want the surface level. I one you know i wanna know what really jives you. What is low the surface because it's the symbol horse were vio is or pian. No like get to the bottom bottom. Like all like feed off of the. What's down Aids like their service level Networking events such a nightmare. I literally don't yeah exactly vermeer's soul or i don't it so i thought aries was ruled by marris kim to science be ruled by the same planet. Yes so Areas and or view are ruled by mars. Let's see high-seas or google. Jupiter taurus and libra are ruled by venus. But there's like different expressions dot. Okay so who's next. View is savak areas. I know too. Many sagittarians saturday. Burien concern in life. I would say is truth and freedom like do not ever at times to zest for hold down. Sagittarius will buy jupiter there. Meanwhile division is to expand to to learn shovel. Jupiter the planet of higher learning and travel jeepers. Like the sage that the whys of this so Sagittarians are needed. A little bit more harder to pin down yes especially in in relationship. Not all this just tolerant out. Stereotypes job ryan agents sell. I'm jerry said been in a relationship for china's still complicated but i do agree on the surface level. I do have a few sagittarian friends who are in relationships. But don't want to get married on me. i don't want it. Don't get me down there. They're not trying to be contained. They're trying to expand like jupiter's the biggest most extensive planet in our solar system. And so that's kind of light Emulating okay so who's after. Report is often sagittarius so complicated. I'm a capricorn rising. So i can. I can speak into this a little bit. Just backwards to sagittarius expansive health.

00:55:01 - 01:00:01

They're concerned with freedom than the next line over performed a little bit more Wore a little bit more. Steer out like serious serious like is really the best way to describe outperformed because they are ruled by saturn. Zadran is planet of limits boundaries. It's like saturn takes time and so capricorn. Cz are very nearly a hard workers. They will spend their entire lives trying to achieve and succeed and build their empire and they're a little bit more traditional too. it's not You know like whereas sagittarius is like they'll go on like a twenty hour party binge you know and like a visa like that would be their ideal Half its warlike. I just wanna were in project and builds my company empire or they're more concerned with security. And how do they show up in relationships. Belkin it like for life and so capricorn like once i commit to you it's I'm on i'm committed. Yeah and once they decide they're uncommitted you'll never the literally never tax you so you your capricorn. Rising one is that mean. There's just so many ingles. I s ejects very confusing times. So the rising sinus determined from the literally the minute he rewards. That's why knowing your exact Is super important. Because like i said if somebody who's at the hospital the minute i took my first breath than the sign that is rising on the eastern horizon is top report like as or two. It's unlike the or the nas like the paper that you come way right. It's what people immediately see. And it's also like your rising into in in this lifetime turning into work what you're becoming over time got it okay. So capra corn. That's the last one that we're at. How many more do we have just a couple. More years after. Capricorn is aquarius. That's you is so. Aquarius is also ruled by saturn. But whereas capricorn is more like Side of of saturn kaffa. Warn the old guard. Aquarius is the new guard so that's the best way that i cannot describe aquarius. They are like the humanitarian. They're more concerned with the collective very inventive. Very original very contrarian. They just march by the beat of their own drum. They're very authentic to themselves. In fact like in authenticity is repulsive two aquarians. It's like when you see like people following trends or something like that like when aquarian see people all in in like. I'm going to go this way. Do my own thing. This is why. I'm so attracted to men who don't have facebook. It's like there's something refreshing two aquarians when he will do something different or something people aren't doing so that's yeah that's aquarius an last scientist. Pisces pisces is ruled by jupiter at pisces as the morley Mystical kind of intangible uriel sign. They're very like inner worlds Kind of go off into their dreams or the astros for a little while and not really be like the most the most in here on earth. But they're only near the dreamers. The ones that are like visualizing a whole new reality for humanity one that is rooted in compassion. Love no connected to define in some way. That is pisces. That's my boyfriend so we also have neighboring signs because we obviously want to tie this to defeating like horse. Kind of reminds me of we had a guest on. That was an expert on myers. We're like should we put your like myers briggs in your and he's like absolutely no because people are gonna be around snap judgments offi like. How do we use this information. Though with the people were dated. Sure i think it's a really good way to understand the other person on a much much deeper level beyond who they present you know on the first day. Some astrologers will say obsolete at prisons chart until your relationship because of that lake is that you tend to have but i read my boyfriend's chart earn our first date. Of course. I was just like i got i got to know.

01:00:01 - 01:05:00

What's what's up over here because you know you might be virgo but you have so many tendencies. Qualities was right. He had to planets and leo. And i'm like okay. Whereas before i might have been the of burgle powerful i see and i'm like oh now the game now we're talking you know okay. It's not give up. It's just like what are the other understand. Yeah it's you are. Chart can really tell so much about her son and you can really get to know arts of themselves that they wouldn't necessarily like out there from your chart you can tell it kind of up kind of afri newhad kind of all the the difficult experiences you might facing. And so people feel really seen when you can like penetrate beyond the service of what they're presenting and so i just use astrology on chart compatibility in cinistry as a way to kind of take off the mask and daria. I'm just you know. Love them for who. They are all of the different aspects and dimensions of their personality and their experiences. Yeah i just feel like astrology is a way to really see these seen. How much should we put weight on the compatibility of signs. I can see some people say. That's the first thing. I look at not compatible than it's over or should i signed ignored the signs and you know get to know the person ever say like. Oh shouldn't like you see something in their chart that might be the right. You know different venue. that's just. It's a little judgmental right. Not i wouldn't want somebody to be like. Oh she's eleo our never date of leo. I'm like you don't know me. You know might also i can read someone's chart and only really yet a sliver of understanding maybe deeper understanding than than usual but our charts are At least for me my chart is constantly giving me more and newer information about myself. I've been studying my chart since two thousand fourteen. I still learning things about my all the time. So we're constantly evolving constantly unfolding and like different aspects of our charts. You are activated by the transit. So like maybe a certain part of our chart revealed in were emphasized during lieber season kansas and so yeah there's just so much coast into i think it's like a good snapshot like a good way to kind of gauge. And just feel like okay. Like i see here that. This part of us is compatible. Maybe like our communication styles are a little bit different and so instead of being like a. We shouldn't be like trying to understand their communication style. You know it's like a. It's america code almost giant like really developing much deeper intimacy with your car. Her judging about like nobody. That's that's rude. But i definitely like am a sucker for articles when i if i do believe in astrology. I feel like a lot of what a lot of cancer characteristics. I do feel like resonate. So i saw an article. I think it was over the weekend and it said these three signs are going to end. Their relationships by october fifteenth was october eighteenth. But how what's the line of like how much we should be like looking into this. Nfl very drastic white back. Yeah well first. Of all the main job of an article free to click on it. Yeah know so. Of course they're gonna like sensational is but i think what they need is. Mercury was just stationed retrograde. Libra the sign of relationships. And so your relationship already on shaky ground probably not gonna this is. This'll be a huge hurdle to jump over. Okay palestinian rewrite this article instead of saying like these signs are gonna break up which instills fear in reader. And that's it's like you're you're listening to these challah motions From the reader which is a little bit misleading I think if i was in consultation with someone in i saw really challenging transit comer. I love you like okay. If you're a relationship can withstand this period of time which there's going to be challenges is going to be a lot of tests view of setbacks. If it doesn't make relationship stronger than its audibly you know on. Its way out or something like that.

01:05:00 - 01:10:00

But i wouldn't be like you're gonna break up with your partner in the next weeks. Whatever christina you wrote this article. I know it's so cool. Yeah that's when mercury stations direct interest. Oh i see so as oh is related to mercury records. Retrograde her right. Yeah yeah because when when a planet turns retrograde it appears as as if it's going backwards in the sky. It's not really but just Position on earth. That looks like the planets are going backwards. But what can refrain those retrograde periods as a time for reflection retrograde. It's really a time to in word to like instead of going forward looking forward all the time which is something that like our culture values just like gogo you know never look back just like continue pushing forward training inwards and reflecting in like reviewing the last three months or so israel is really valuable is this i'm on right for me is not right for me. That's why you know there could be a threat of a break. Because this retrograde period is just really asking you to do a little bit of internal work and to really contemplate reevaluate. What is right for you and on a similar topic. How do you feel about horoscopes. And how mcvay should we give to horoscopes. So i'm sor- right horoscopes. For astrology dot com. And it is. it's tough. It's really tough to write or a giant population lick huge groups of people so horse camps are really just ways to deliver information to like league groups of people and so that's why they are a little bit more generalized. I didn't really. I didn't really like riding horse votes. To be honest. I really prefer going one on one with a client. Looking your specific chart and remem- specific to you. I guess horoscopes are like a good read. It like you would like a little of inspirational quotes. Like i don't wanna put like so much we into it because it's not really tailored to you right. What might be like a huge money mental shift or one person for you. It's like little sleep doesn't even register but to some person to another person like they're one of the planets in their charts might be getting like we activated by like upcoming full news or simply to you. It's not really activating any personal planet in your chart. So you're not gonna feel it as much as the other person so another thing that say about horoscopes is We tend to read them for some signs. But a lot of astrologers now including me. When i was writing scopes i wrote them or your rising signs see might even be looking at the raw guan. I'm more like yeah like isn't mean anything. What i'm gathering from a lot of this is that it's a really good jumping off point to have more conversations. How do you think we can use astrology to strengthen relationships just asking questions and just seeing people who they are now who you have been. Tv or who think that they should be. I think it's a really good way to understand yourself. And like debry understand yourself all your multi-dimensionality the more you'll be able accept it in. You know i talk about the struggle of y'all my partner. You have the same rising sign so whatever transits are happening affect the scene arts of our lives About to be mercury retrograde our ten health from your while. I know this is a really good time to kind of reevaluate. How we're going to move forward in humour and twenty twenty two like what we wanna do. Count latest you. Wow that's a good way to kind of like strengthen our relationship just understand where we fit in the larger scheme of things like the larger cycles. So i think it's a really great bonding tool as long as it's used intentionally and The just to understand the other person unless the judge them because no one wants to judge or stereo now in any way now. So what's your personal opinion on putting your sign in your dating profile. Yes or no Yeah i knew. Yeah why not. I would say. Put your son whom rising opposite kind of gutter. Okay what's your i've see. People put that.

01:10:00 - 01:15:04

And i never knew what it meant so this day cell. What's your sun rising. God'll give me a little deeper of an idea of new are other than thing like a mary. Your areas maybe with a high seas new. That's a very different areas areas of the orpheum good transition to takeaways. Because i think that's i'm gathering is we're just scratching the surface with astrology off the internet. It may be making rash decisions. That should be made like. I'm not compatible with you. Because i read some article. That says that arch sunshine's aren't compatible. Yeah and from. What i'm gathering from you is. It's it's an insight into you who you are but there's many different dynamics at play in it's really looking at it and i. I think this were jumping off. Point keep standing out to me. Because i really view it as a way to get to know yourself. Better get to know your partner better to ask deeper questions to question things like i love when you said you know. Maybe there's an area that you don't identify maybe taking a little deeper of why you don't feel that you identify with something under the surface there so i think it's just again like knowledge is power in take what works for you leave with dozen domoling you know let your life necessarily be ruled by but use it as a way. It's actually will help you expand like that's all it is and it's a tool about takes many many years. Someone say lifetimes to johnny embody and master like the longer. I study astrology. the more. i'm like that's true. The people who were like you know. I know everything about salt. It's no you don't it yeah. Invention blacks system it's ancient. It goes way back in there so many rules and you know math so much to it and so civic derive it down or dislike. Boil it down to like a sunshine. Sign is just kind of like disrespectful. To the whole i right yeah my biggest takeaway is. I've been using astrology. Totally wrong all these years. I've been using it to help me make decisions sue or to look for to validate my decisions really should be used as a tool for deeper understanding back in the day of things weren't going well for me day i will look up his son and the Horoscope would tell me that. He's busy and i'd be like oh it's because he's busy. Yeah astrology should never be to like justify being treated like. i'm yes. yeah it's just a tool or understanding stockton's like radical self love and again like the deeper you love and know yourself the more likely it is that you can teach me in the internet with another percents that's a great takeaway and the other takeaway that may be a controversial for some is that i think there is something to be said about leaving things to the planets and as sometimes we try so hard to explain why we're feeling a certain way or wire relationships going away or y dating is going a certain way for us. What have we just said. Well the planets are changing and that is was causing this cosmic shift. And how. I'm feeling that is very liberating to know that. But it also gives multi dimensions to what we're going through the even looking at your birth chart your multidimensional and then just really listening to this episode will show that the stars are also multidimensional. Signs are a ball tight dimensional. And just know that. There's no easy answer and sometimes you just got to leave it up to the universe and the planets leave it up to the universe. The planet china i think of. We're gonna go like real out there in. This is like the spiritualize aspect of my astrology. Octa slant to need are like my biggest teachers are like the ascended masters. And so i wouldn't necessarily say that the planets are causing i would say more were acting in syn bio cysts with each other. Because there's this like ancient saying this ancient hermetic proper in its is above so low. So it's like what happens on our own so happening on arm nearing. That's exactly where nearing each other. So you had not like dan musa. Here's my life it's like you're fucking like southern chaplain campaign. The planets are here to teach us like. We're here of having this human experience. We're hearing learn to row. All i feel like the more. I really understand how the planets in iraq and relate one another and how it shows up in my ride.

01:15:04 - 01:20:01

It's expands my awareness of of of the universe in you know like. I think that that's amis like mine me driving forces. Just pure awareness. Yeah i like this like using it as a guide. I think we talked about of different seasons. Maybe it's paying more attention to your career or you know by the maybe by takeaway is dope break up with someone just because you see article that says that you're gonna break up because of that but use that as an opportunity to reflect on the relationship and see you get through the difficult times using it more as a guide of what's happening opposed to rash decisions because like you said with the horoscopes. There's no way in. Article can generalize for every single person out there. There's no way no way the bet the best thing to if you really want personal advice like just go go have a consultation astrologer melby they'll pinpoint in very very specific about how it shows up for you and so i actually don't even read or scoops. Well that's good young guy to write them so i was just like it's Deep enough for me. It's not often. I like you know your shoes to exactly you do love. Actually i gotta take this back. I've been reading channy necklaces. Horoscopes or years of twenty fourteen and she has an opportunity. Cj by the way she writes about the candidates are so. I don't know it resonates in ways. I've never seen Horoscopes resonating or like. It's very poetic. It's review foles -firmative refocus on growth in alignment. It's not like you're gonna. You're not cosmo. It's no exactly that's good because we're going to ask you to if there's any sources you with lebron you've dropped a few but are there any wants then also at the end. How do people get in touch with you because you also do one on one. Counseling sounds right. Christina right yeah Okay so to answer your question. Resources channing nicholas to me is like she's like my astrology scene because she is like the roger that really made me kind of like listen and hanshin. Just because of the way that she she wrote about actually have her book right next to here. it's hold it's for radical self acceptance. While one of my favorite books for recommend for newbies people her really want to understand their entire birth chart. It's like a step by step guide how to understand your moon sign held understand your Ascendant rising your venus siamese. So marian formative loved that book in terms of apps. I love her app as well. The chimney app and time time passage. That's the opted. I used to track my own. Transit's like where i have my around my friends shirts transit's julie do just love. This word always transitioning into some things so transit low as some kind of planetary transit happening. We're like in the midst of like just all these trends. It's all happening on top of each other ones beginning ones ending in the middle of another one like it's just so complex and so on and the how do people get in touch with you. Sure so you can find me on. Instagram christina backrub ski can visit my website. Preceded requests dot com. And i do do a one on one sessions. Although i been skewing more towards astrology for business and working with email entrepreneurs creatives really heart and soul based on their business in diving into their birch. So if you are like a business anyone know when to launch something or no one's arrests or like when's a good time for this without like a love of love were awesome. Do love related. Staffer would you recommend like that's really. I'm i began as like a natal. Chart astrologers kind of looking at your birth chart. And i did those and i just found into the an hour is not enough time to like compatibility in cinistry all. I'll do it for my friends like us but not in like a professional setting. Hey christine will you do my love chart i as a friend. Mike pick good.

01:20:01 - 01:22:20

You left everyone with plenty of resources than lincoln dive into. I think there's a. There's a couple books though specifically astrology for relationships really quickly a jessica and jadu hasn't really amazing book when it comes to compatibility in sodas annabel gats on those are astrologers who specifically right about compatibility analyze them house. Some thank you so much for all these resources. I mean i feel like i need to like download that app today and go deeper nico deeper well cancer of you so cancer. That's exactly new. You'll like nourish out totally totally. Thank you for all of our listeners. We do have a horoscope for all of your signs today. Which is you're going to write a review in apple podcast about us five star ray. Only you can make it come true at the stars. It's a crazy. Everybody has the same horoscope today. It really helps us to get awesome. Guests like christina who can divulge so much for knowledge to us and have this just fantastic So we can keep giving you great content. So when you get the chance apple podcast five star rating and like a little blurb about why you love us and christina at the same time. We're going to wrap this up. Stay data the ball. The dateable podcast is part of the frolic podcast network. Five more podcasts. You'll love at frolic dot media slash podcast. Want to continue the conversation. I follow us on instagram facebook and twitter with the handle at dateable. Podcast tag any post with the hashtag. Stay dateable and trust. We look at all those posts then. Head over to our website. Dateable podcasts dot com. There you'll find all the episodes as well as articles videos and our coaching service with vetted industry experts you can also find our premium why series where we dissect analyze offer solutions to some of the most common dating conundrums were also downloadable. For free on spotify apple podcast. Google play overcast stitcher radio and other podcasts platforms. Your feedback is valuable to us. So don't forget to leave us a review and most importantly remember to stay dateable.

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