Sex & Sexuality

S9E15: Rated X

Dateable Podcast
November 19, 2019
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Sex & Sexuality
November 19, 2019

S9E15: Rated X

We discuss the highs and lows of being in the industry, filming sex whether you are a pro or amateur, and how porn skews the reality of sex.

Rated X

Listen as we hear from Lou Cass about being a porn star in the ’80s and how porn has changed over the years. We discuss the highs and lows of being in the industry, filming sex whether you are a pro or amateur, and how porn skews the reality of sex.

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Episode Transcript

Season 9 Episode 15: Rated X

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The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world. Hey everyone welcome to another episode of dateable a show all about modern day day. I thought I would only say I'm in. The presence of a porn star are one. Actually it's going to be twice. We had LOU CASS here. He is our guest for today but he is not only our guest today. He was Aghast S.. Last week too because what happened was for anyone knew who runs podcast. You this is for sure happened to you before we were in the middle of our recording with Lou and we're having great conversations getting into the good dirty stones and we realized that stop recording. Yeah this is the first time in three and a half years we we lose jinx. Little things happen but this was bad because we were such a role. Yeah and but then I think it's even better because I thought of more things to ask you this time. It was like a warm yeah. It's like a warm out show for us but for all of you listening. This is a brand new conversation about P. R. AT POOR aren't we've been wanting to have you for a long time way we cool. Did you guys know Hulu Cass. As he is an American actor important star he retired from pornography in one thousand nine hundred. Ninety years you go that he'd be careers film and television actor and recording artists. Okay you've had so many lives you were a porn star not just like you were in port. You were a porn star uncovers a magazine. We'll get to that. Were in the music industry. You made albums and then you were in TV in film. And now you're like doc bad ass house cleaner move by housecleaners come into our presence but thank you for making that connection. John Lew because Julie has said to me. I think the lovely man who cleans my apartment is a pours. Yeah so I will back up. The story is actually Kinda funny that but one of our friends basically found Lou like he she was like he is the best house cleaner of ever had referred him to all of our friends. One of our friends was like. Hey No your house exports and she's the Google who comes here at home a weak and like I am and I like all are you at that point. I'm like I guess I didn't do goalie but I'm nice and good and really because you're like the star Dr House Cleaner Cisco Porno Like I. Sometimes I do the music. Two point five on the ladder is something I really do. Ladies that are older than sixty years there I'll go to Cuba porn music and they start laughing. They think it's funny as you told me that like some people like husbands has been will come to the door and they're like you are not who they are expecting cider atoll. They always have to wait around a couple times to see who I am. WHO The hell is this book right there? Next go their husbands or their and it's also recognize you is lukasz okay. Let's talk about you. You live in Vacaville. You've been there for two years originally from San Jose. You're fifty three years old but you look fucking twelve south incurring relationship status is hooking up and that's what it's about. WHO HAS LOU? How did you get into the porn industry in Nineteen eighty-seven just got in through a regular modeling? And then the guy who I went to go see it was instantly like you'd be really popular and Porn Answer Internet to Richard into some richer here the answer that ad in so yeah you know. Show me dig Kinda shows like here. You go wait so you thought it was just a modeling I. It wasn't just modelling to me. In this conversation we grilled you for an hour. Time line was all over the place to do again. You answer an ad in back page of bigger reporter that the newspapers okay and it was one of the paper for model like morning for a model model model up and they're like show as your cock and you're like cool cool.

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Yeah of course genius when he goes WHOA. That's that's impressive so my jeans and okay thanks. The GIG was four. Do you think the biggest it really was a regular modeling legit ads. I I was like Oh cool. That was the end of that regular commercial. Director doubled as a talent scout. Exactly that ride goes. Hey I want you to meet this woman because I know she'll get you in films right away. That just sounds really risky. Because what if you were like no and then you like sock tweets. I totally asking need a show. pitchers felt cool. What compelled you to even answer that modeling? I don't. I just always wanted to do that. Oh acting acting those you know. How old were you at this point? I don't know young eighty seven so I don't know early twenties. Maybe you were a young spring chicken young the spring chicken coop to Richard Dick Richard Richard Richard Bolger on Oak Street. Pitch uh-huh right there. You could have went okay luke Amman. We'll know he was just like. Hey I can get you print magazines and stuff like that. He was just like you can be really popped house like really and he goes. Yeah because that looks impressive. He does and I'm like what that looks at my jeans. You know so I mean there's only one recipe Richard Bolger. He you know he said you gotTa meet this lady. She's really popular in films and stuff on street films. W you gotta meet her and stuff like that and she'll get. You should get you work really the next day. He called me and he goes. She wants to meet you today. Wow Wow so I was like wow okay. And she put me in a film right away so but it was him to put me on the phone because he was my manager at the time. And what was your first film pornographic found. It was just a loop like with some women's always a loop loop a loop is the old fashioned vintage porn. You know the loop that which is like a scene not a full full film one scene. It's just one scene scene and what was your first seen. It was with a chicken and a guy with a loop. There's no story line. It's just just working out the bitch gets on my Dick porn to Ed here but the scene is you're working out working out. Yeah okay she gets on. Your Dad does too and then he gets on my balls. He's under the got to see the pictures on the box. Amazing I can't even on the back cover on district during the service how this works right. Now you're doing loops and these were straight and by and crystalline who who was really popular in straight films like popular like movie boogie nights wherever that. Yeah Yeah and and they're like a family. That was exactly what was going on in my life very popular lady on covers of magazines and and she goes. You need to stop doing this. You need to go gay as well go gauge. I got not really I. Don't think a million do it. She was no dude. You rules do it. Your way go gain and you'll be really huge. She goes with make sure you do the rules. You make the rules to these people okay. What was her reasoning for you to gain to gay because the way I look she goes? You'll be huge. You'll be so oh popular among the gay guys. 'cause I knew when I'd walk down the street and I knew Gig is really all over. There was another reason street because we were backwards. Background just background they. They are nothing they really. Aren't there. Nothing just addict serious. And that's just a Dick. Wow so you can be in the spotlight and gay porn exactly and immediately I was just targeted in there like shoot. Who is this guy? Every review of things came out of me every magazine said discussion to be important. This guy should be acting in Hollywood things that kboi lar- camera angles Sweet Ed K.. Porn and before you buy like were you straight but it both my whole life. I've never been in because my mom told me at fifteen she was like. Hey Louis you'd like to a guys too don't you. Yes or you even knew my mom was telling me she goes. She goes because I I know you with women. I hear them like she's like she's like. Yeah but I I just wonder because I see the way they look at you. Also this cohort of men in the porn industry that straight men. That don't WanNa go into gay porn. So it's probably like a leg up also holy when you and I knew that it would be a stepping stone for me. I really did no. We're starting talking about me. All of a sudden these things started coming out about me and all of a sudden I was on the cover of every fucking magazine. Xenos like regular model shots. You know what I mean. These were headshots on on twenty. Three hundred your first gay porn. We can work out weaken the scenery for us. We can work out. I was played Christopher. Tell boy a fifteen year old runaway. Wow many layers to this your runway irritating journal the Towel Boy Jump Talbott at a gym all the big Old Daddy's in the gym while they're working out kind of after and stuff done why was so much around workouts. The idea a lot of my gay friends do and so maybe it's just a but it sounds like your first by one was also around agendas agenda.

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It was the first one was deluca area. It was at the gym. I would never. I would never do that. That's not me totally feel L.. Like the porn scenes back when you were doing porn too much more like movies like now. It's just like these stories when they when and they started seeing me react. They started writing film for me. These people were writing about for me. Wow starting just doesn't happen anymore. No no no amateur go looked again. It's just all amateur scenes and stuff. They're not really stars anymore. They're not they're not our booking gay porn one after another. How much did you get paid for your first loop I think it was probably a hundred bucks hundred. I don't really remember hundred twenty dollars for one scene and then your first three hundred dollars for weekend workout three am in every scene of that fucking movie really may three hundred dollars dollars. That's it and then I did all the way. That was my second film and I got a meeting League when I ended that Richard Cordray into that that whole thing with him no longer but he made Lucozzi told. You can't fire me. I made you really. I think my parents made me but I think the second film was forty. Five hundred guy. Forty two hundred likes jumped and then but after that it got really big I was. I was making really good good. Good money. residuals no residuals. But let me tell you something I was. I was doing so good I was able to buy a home I was able to do all that stuff. Just pocketing it. Like you think that they actually build it and he just took a huge the regulation of -solutely absolutely. It was fun it was because I made three hundred dollars for that fucking movie. Shot Him transamerica building on on the Jim there at the transamerica bills listening. If you ever use the gym chance America please let us know a tour seen gene for Lou but there was something crazy about filming this because you really had no license to film their home no not at all. You WanNa do against law. I was like if you got busted. We always like looking looking at like fucking speed freaks like this. You know what I mean. We're looking out there. It was so scary. Feeling keep an eye out there acting with the fucking woman given I on stage aged was Luke Luke. Oh okay why not use a stage name. Why do I don't know if my dad's name too? I mean I just knew my whole life. People always called me casts. Your Dad's tonight. Yeah Magadan was named Luke House and he was a police officer. My whole life talk about being associated with the point of what you know what he he really actually loved he he. He called me one time and he goes. Hey you know what I just want to let you know. How cool does that? You made our name such big name. He was so proud. Because you know you're on magazine covers around the world when people honk because he has a license plate it says L. L. Casts so people honked them getting people at Honk at him. My Dad would just because he sticks on the car passing by the rebels diggers went down. Sway mom my mom of the first time I did modeling. She was in the kitchen table. I got home early in the morning. Pitch dark issues. I know Kinda modeling when you're doing I can you know if you've got to be on the other end of the phone. She goes mothers. No because I know what you're doing but be safe. She says see smell likely tag. Okay I was excuse me. She would go to destroy Isis trip seven days a week over at the campus Cedar Ron Jones Porn are after this was during 'cause I was I was big star so I was making great money every day over the year like headlines just like Strip club a district club in San. We're just GONNA be making killer us. Money does make clear eight hundred fifty dollars a week for twenty minutes a day. That's it was just just. The company gave me the campus theater so nice and plus tips. Oh Yeah my mom would come to the shows and she opened in the dressing room dressing. Room and guys will passer-by Jock straps all the dancers and strippers behaviors. HAS GOTTA say Mr Gas. She'd be like wow cool. You guys see Hustler's yet no I WANNA see you. It's not the best movie but what you're talking about a lot of familiar yup. Yeah it's transformed like showgirls. But look showgirls. Were the other people like the industry other people in Porn you encountered. Let's take a quick break because I've announcement all right everyone. You're hearing it here. I we would like to take our relationship. I r. l.. We're inviting you bad ass listeners. To be our VIP. I pee guests at our very first. Live dateable podcast. Show in San Francisco. 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Get all the details on our facebook page instagram or it database podcast dot com slash. Live now back to this episode. What were the other people like? If the industry other people in porn the counter really cool actually it's like a little family just like boogie nights. Are you fucking or coworkers. No way you know. What do they fuck each other? They do for sure after. Oh after you know big showers and stuff like that after the Oh yeah you know that kind of thing. We'd go underneath. I need the microphone after we have sex. The crowd around underneath the microphone. Oh yeah so. That's all voiceover fucking luke sound effects all that kind of stuff you know. Oh Yeah Oh fuck. Yeah you're you know and but you're just standing there standing there. We just had sex. We're all just going. Oh Fuck you give us a sample right now. Oh Yeah fuck you open. That whole of Daddy Asshole when I was in those films I was like just hurting the guys like not hurting them. But you know what I mean fucking harshly safely safely. Let's combined I add that I was also an proud to say this the most difficult person in the business at the time the most difficult some companies wouldn't work with me because I was so difficult because I was so safe. If everything was safe no matter what safe like you always WanNa condoms not always want always had a car or sometimes three sometimes we can. You could see to my films. You can see the three you can see the three things you could see them. That's how that's how safe I was and they want you to them no way but you never you never see me without it. What was the controversy? A couple years back about condoms and that they had to work. So it's more like people impor- need like back. Then back then was unhurt. Unlike some companies would be like oh Lou. The reason we're not working with you. I go well the reason I'm not working with you guys is because you guys aren't safe right now. That's what I was known as mister safe sex back then. Every article about me was saying the thing not at all I'm hearing the live and HIV. Negative way I mean come on you do not have condoms on because it looked better in movies. There's other seen with other people that they don't have condoms on these guys and I'm like I'm not going to set going. Come on back then to that right. That was right. There was right eighty seven. That was right right now. Risk at so. I don't know why always like think of like the baby. It's like magic. Mike like the after parties and like that lifestyle experience -perience. There was a lot of drugs and staff was drugs. I'd see all the time all the time on the set all the time in after on the set. Oh Oh yeah Natura two but I never did. I always always just marijuana. That's it. I never went any further with anything like that. WHO's coke meth may be but mostly off awful? Yeah but mostly coke is absolutely from coke to math. Oh no absolutely ribbon you know put her pussies. I'm like no. Nothing's the coke fucking. Yeah that'd be like you're GONNA but other people in the industry were partaking all this fuck Ya and then they were also sleeping with each other. I mean sure fucking around and stuff like that people be like. Hey Lou. Oh my God I moved from Texas. I'm like what we we were acting so fucking talking about moving from Texas. Hey we moving together dude. I'm not joking I'm not joking. Film called Man of the year. I'll tell you that right now and did you go. Hey Lou I'll fucking moved from Texas. We move into dude. We're in the shower. Go Dude that was a scene and we were actors acting. I said you're not going to be my boyfriend or anything like that. So did you hit on you all the time but but oh yeah totally. It was crazy like no way. You can't don't touch me till the cameras on you never dated a co-star or anybody in the industry why boyfriends girlfriends Oh but not not disarm porn but the regular directors and actors do other parts in the film because I can get money so yeah front door guy or you know what I mean you can act in the film making towel. Yeah and actually have a camera around me. One guy made forty thousand dollars a boyfriend that I had forty thousand dollars just on camera doing second camera filming me for a month. All around Las Vegas Ega San Francisco and just fill me. It was called camera beak camera. That was making really good money at but my money. Were you making making if my boyfriend. At at the time Cameron was making forty thousand dollars. Just for B B Roll. Then think about what I was making. I was doing pretty good then then started going up the nose. Probably after he did films he was going up. The nose knows probably a coke and stuff like that was doing. Oh you a lot of money. Oh I was because after like I don't want to jump ahead but I did my uh I got my own film company because I retired from films. So she's just going to see me directly now so I was directing a directed three of them whereas what how did you do look at my house. You'll see probably all there for fifty three years. You see like you just like right but have been. She's like so walk us through like those three years like what we're like the high points and then like what were some of the low points hike orange was like Oh my God in La Mansions where the other actors in the guest room.

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Tonight had the whole upstairs at West Wing or something all myself from the euro as I was treated like royalty not bad go sign autographs in Las Vegas and it would be lines lines of people to get my autograph women and men women husbands. Go Watch your films at home Lou. Me and her go with you. And I'm like and it was wild you guys. I have them all at that on videotape lines out rat out the door of just people who wanted to meet me and stuff it. It was trippy stuff but I would go out with like Robin Byrd. Who does her own? TV Show I remember Robin Bergh. Love seat nights I was the most most roddenberry sit back comfortable like a really big lips. Lips shoes on Dr. Debbie does Dallas. She'd be like little fish an Robin Berg. You're we're looking for a good time. I went on a stripper. Kind of actor back then so she loved me and they had fan clubs of me. The the audience did they'd call in and stuff. These ladies would be like Louis. Have your magazines in front of us. Oh my God we love you. There's a Lukasz fan club like what you ought to say. That like it was is like a really cool thing to be friends with porn star. But back then you really was. It was like on a weekly put it in an clipping. Nick said what's good and what's bad this week or something. And they said a best friend to the porn stars coolest celebrity friends. I have so many celebrity friends real friends that are like name some of that he is a Dora. She's been a friend of mine for thirty four years. E G. Daily Love Edgy Daley. She's really good friend of mine. She's Voice of rugrats Tony Pickles and babe the talking Pagan Hagan. She's on Valley Valley Girl and pee. Wee's big adventure. She's she's quite the friendship. She's achieved thirty four years me and her Lisa Marie Presley the good buddy to. She's really cool. So after that it was like Whoa so started becoming cool back then it was like really corn and Egypt announcing hey look at the stage and he's a big fan of yours Lou and and camera taking pictures of her daily and she'd be like this is Lukasz L. O. U. C. A. S. S.. You don't have to you know. Get the right get right in the papers on on like wow. Can you count how many people went up to you. It's like your Dick like actually look. I'm not kidding. Every day among let me show you not getting every day get stopped on the street staw once in a while. Okay well still getting like soon as he can't hide behind that beard Lou. I'm like Whoa how this whole thing by working for you Julie Come on Celeb- no so okay. So you told them hi point. You're on on all the all the vintage classics all the really popular ones like blue. Boy Advocate men haunt show. Oh stallion all those. All those really popular and I was on inches inches view inches niches on him. mm-hmm so what were some of the low points Fighting with the relationships that was in what was dating like. That's what I'm trying to say. It was like it was it was the jealousy but it would be really weird. How'd you meet them in the first place couple were fans okay one in Washington? DC moved out to California one guy did and then they. I mean they obviously know what you do for a living but it was hard for them to accept. Sometimes I'll be like it's just a job. I should come to the Senate if you want to come to the storm off you know what I mean so it was like. Oh boy you know what I mean like you know. Hey I told you I told you when we were just going out. I told old you two girls and guys I say this but I was like his job. That's I knew before you knew before we were career was like nineteen eighty seventy seven years. Tonight one thousand nine hundred ninety. Why did you leave the porn industry? I want as far as I could. I went I was at the top made as much money as I probably could to on you wanted to you have this same sort of fame in film and Television is the wrong approach to fucking Hollywood. Why because you go there to be an athlete? Go there'd be a star. You know what I mean I was going. I'm when you star and I thought it was. I was like fuck. I'm born actor. Come on Bro. Whenever tired like I was in Vegas and I retired on that day when I when best actor knows like okay? I'm I'm out of you guys on a podium out here you know what I mean. I'm done for foreign. I'm going to retire. Want to porn store yell at me. I drove to Hollywood that night. I went right after that go to Hollywood was was on. Melrose Avenue opened a billboard magazine. I'm not kidding at six o'clock in the morning I think opened a bill magazine. There's my record. There's my fucking song you you were secretly producing. I actually got really got a whole bunch of publicity that Oh my God adult actor album like really fucking. The whole industry went crazy because it was the first. I first time anybody's GonNa do that.

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Music was my. It was my thing I wanted and I sat on that record too. I did that. It was publicity that was like magazine. It's called rated accent and it's called rated X.. And thirty years ago with by the way came out and I listen to it and I was like good. This horrible this is my voice is horrible I go. I'm I'm yelling people engines. Can you guys do something about my voice. I I can't release something like this. And they go lou twenty four tracks and hope twenty four track. Your Voice Buddy Buddy. I'm like okay. They're trying to do. They know this is all time studio. Shit they're like. We can't do anything more. I was like okay. I guess you guys are gone so I touch attitude. You know fired like what happened with the music and TV in like acting like the acting was That was hard. That was hard. Because you need an agent and knowing when I go to a good all these agents agencies and so it'd be like cast someone's really familiar So is your task. All the sudden Lukasz was named the people are going to go on to set. That people will be like this to me. guzzled look look out looking out for the morning. That'd be like it's my little secret. I won't tell anybody I'd go tell anybody would that your cow's right I go yeah. I won't tell anybody which used to go. Joe Matter I don't care I don't care if you know he goes he goes. Oh probably wouldn't be good though because back back. Then it wasn't it was like you know what I mean. So it wasn't like a seamless like you thought like going from porn to acting would be kind of seamless transition. I knew it was gonna be hard when Leeza gibbons you remember Leeza Gibbons. She asked me. She told me she was well. Now that you're gay porn she is now. Would you go anywhere else from there. Can you. I was going to ask you the the next question which I think is a good segue kind of like. What did you learn from doing poor and all these years? 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E. for twenty percent off your first purchase. Now back to the show was going to ask you the next question which I think is a good segue. It's kind of like. What did you learn from doing porn all these years? That sex has to be wild now. I'm not joking because you've done in every it's like dating and stuff like that. It should be because I've I've already been through it so I'd WanNa be bored or the exponential seriously hi I don't WanNa be bored so seriously. I that's what I've learned. Honestly it's what I learned from my mind set differently when you're dating now. Do you tell people what you know. People know their expectations like up here. That this is gonna be like wild and crazy because I used to have like things in my house. I used to have like all my achievements events in the bathroom. I'd have everything framed your bathroom. Macbeth mud framed everything. You know like adult tactical stuff like porn star torstar records music and all this stuff. So would you do it all over again. If you have. The option never will know porn. You know. We'll see today. Glue fucking pay anything to see important. Today I looked so different I look completely different from the old days. I mean those fucking thirty. Three years ago. I was thirty three years ago. I was a skinny white boy. Peter Brady bear with no tattoos and a big Dick and and that was about it. You know what I mean like fucking face soul like I was fifteen when you do it again now now because it fuck with my head it. So many people commit suicide in business passed away. Is this you. That's all my God Yuli to check it out. Oh my God you look like Mario Lopez. That's new is there but yeah is there really let me see. I wanted to see what that's fucking hard. I do not believe in crew. It's weird really weird. It's like maybe Jerkin so much is. This is how he cleaned Julie's house she's so bad that's exactly. How do you see that when you leave town can't see this but it's it's basically him doing the story over the shoulder as the eighties? Look we'd like to shine eastern. Everyone go do the Shimizu has and then. He's like turned turnaround. Lee Can we rewind.

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I WanNa talk about why this fucked you up. Thanks Julia. It'd be fucked up everything from dating to relationships to everything in my life for the reasons why you know now now kinky and fucking you just can't find a boring not content with normal sex. Thank thank you've got your fucking good because that's exactly what I say. I'm just boarded the MOM and pop sex The everyday mom-and-pop ever like we. We need not really not really my hand. I'm dating my hand for fucking years now so it's just like it doesn't do anything for you. It does it. Does because I have a lot of sex. I've a lot more now than I do ever wear eople online like dating up stuff leaks. APP DIS grinder finder. I used to use craigslist all the time for men women men men women fucking craigslist would be the fucking bomb. Oh it was great motels and all this shit. These these are probably down to to do some fucking cool. She was really and the next day. The Guy will call me go. Hey Man my wife comes to you. I'll be like what super nervous about my search history now but like in this league under my name to now are you licking ass. That's not me no doc. I've never done that to a guy who said that also there were a lot of like suicides in. That's happening right now. It's every year there's a suicide pact gay porn stars. Isn't that weird. Why did the big ones killing every one? That's dying every single. Everyone's like weird Lou Lou are you. I'm fine. I'm not going to do anything Mike that I'm not crazy. Those fucking people business makes you crazy. Why do you is it then? You just can't deal with the lows. The same thing with the Hollywood thing I was getting. I was going to audition after audition after wild working during the day. I'd go and take my lunch and go to audition. No no no. I'm going go into room. There'd be one hundred Lucas's there they all look like me. I'm not getting people. So people are damaged. Walk out when they saw me. I'm not kidding they'd be like odd at you know so you think that people dislike get into like. They don't get on additions and they do a lot of drugs and that's what's causing the instability for porn. Yes for the regular business called the regular regular business day the mainstream because I think I was one of the only actor to ever break through to the mainstream also it really was. Everyone always told me to like did trouble Julia. Roberts I act act ever from from porn to do from adult films to do on a Disney set first time. Wow very good very good. Yeah and yeah she. She did but Julia got me of sad card and she was really cool so okay. So that's super interesting. Do you think you just got out at the right time did you were only in three year absolutely in. If you're still important now worn down. You'd be who my God. Oh my God Ow L. U. B. O. Haggard. I'd be this good. Thank you sweet right. Let's see so. How did you escape the drugs and all the like the -Tuation that was happening? I'm not going to say I didn't do because I did not during during filming not after sure I didn't i. I used to take my money. Go home like the ten thousand dollars for for stripping over New York ten twelve thousand dollars a week take that money and take it home and take it into a bank but the people would just see the director giving viewing the actor actress money. And then I'd see the actor going like this or the going visiting giving back whatever your make brings paying the director back while. And that's really what I saw of my time. I don't care if people are listening to that and going Lou. That's fucking wrong of you to say that I'm telling the truth. And there's people that died like Joyce Ifan. Oh here's one of them. He was a guy who's just all over me too when I was going to film a movie with them. The last movie that he was in the last movie I was in any any killed himself. Assault on Thanksgiving after. That fucking let me tell you something. In and because of the drugs you overdosed and so you like clearly got out. Because he wanted to do like music they can stop. It wasn't a brain. Say was there something else that you're just like I can't keep isn't sustainable. World's GONNA go like Roseanne once told me she was. where else can you go? She a trip because people call out your name they call out my name. They see me on teeny. Roseanne said we sat down and fucking COCO's restaurant over in La Roseanne. Oh yeah was great. And she was telling me she goes people the L. At your name the L. At my name. But they see everything of you Lou. They see your intimacy they see you knew DC. Every bit of you couldn't imagine that she said nothing she goes. I'm fine with it but I couldn't imagine how much they get some more involved in you with you because they get like. Oh my God you're nude and you hit a point where like you're like there's nowhere more more I can go on. Top of the porn was was there was nothing. I'd do directed the film three of them and then that was like special guest stars. Just an actor in them and then all of a sudden it was just there was in the music.

00:35:02 - 00:40:01

I always wanted to do music. I knew it was a stepping stone. I knew it was also kind of expiration for Porn Stars Anyway. Culling gymnasts as like Malaysia regional peak. And they're like for sure. Now I went out his number one though. See I went out before your four zero before people still want me. I was still getting a full demand because my acting was really good. So I'd storylines. I had people flying me too wide to Hulu. Can you just read the script. All expenses paid on Mike Okay. I'll just read it. I know I'M NOT I. I was a porn actor. I was like fucking adult film actor then legend. I mean he was in a book. There is a legend and I was like flipping through the book swear flipping through the book. I had no idea the stars stars. They've legends Luke Kasim. Like what the fuck on with all these legends. I'm like this is this is a joke and the print model was everyone's on favourite. Show those we were talking about this last time. Like there's not really porn stars anymore. That's like not a thing Jenna Jameson listens. Lukasz is like I'm GonNa vote myself because I really am because I was big back then back then. Now it's the Kim Kardashians normal perfectly. Exactly you're right can make a sex tape right and then I never hit it anyway. I've never hid the fact that people go through your brain not ignoring it. I go what. What am I ignoring boring? That's your life. That's my life even though that person really doesn't exist anymore but he does. I mean this is me but I mean that person was going up on stage and he was rock and roll and Shit. You know what I mean. All these gay events I was. I was Headlinin. These game events. I was folsom street. Fair the fair. I was headline news. Spoken things singing taken off Lou Marino. Come on in your career as a porn star. What did you learn about humanity to boast about me though back then age was a huge huge thing? HIV AIDS and back. Then I would go to hospitals and stuff and I would go. I would meet the people because they wanted to meet me at bring movies. I bring a magazine Sinema. They were frail there in the hospitals. I also never accepted money from my record rated X.. I never accepted. The money went four right to smile smile and glad because I never accepted money. All the royalties over there. I signed over checks because that was when I did. I don't know about your transition out abuse. And how did you go from entertainment industry to cleaning houses. I don't I don't really know of my buddy owned a business here. He owned a business called wizard. Clean team and I was working for him but I wanted to go. Hey what is it going to get it. I'm just making a lot of money off me and I'm not working for him in the first place because it was a buddy of mine he he goes. Hey you wanna you wanna work and I was like oh he. That'd be cool. 'cause I was managing warehouse entertainment. I manage warehouse records remember records now. A warehouse was a big record chain tower records and all that so I did I did. I ran that for like twelve years after the entertainment business. I was doing all the movies. TV wreckage does manager to record shop for longtime closed down. So because he wanted to work for me clean he goes. You're so good you're fucking spotless. Your fucking you. Why don't you come clean? I think of a porn star know having a clean home. I don't know why someone did like. Ah Julie woke up and she shook her hair to me and I was like. Hey Julie what's up. I don't like the doors open. I was like Joe's open open. I'll say craigslist down with the folks going on here. This is a real. This is real thing on the board. That's why I'm so popular. That's why I'm so popular. Okay so these are working for your friend for like extra break off and do my own really. Yeah totally because I know the sudden. I'm making good money. Thanks Julie Really Julie. Though she's she's awesome she introduced me a lot of people in. I mean everybody I know uses you know about uses me let we. They did before on film to use me but what are some similarities between this industry in the porn industry. Are there any email journey ernest. Get Jobs Lou. How much yeah? But how much extra due to draft. No that's not gonNA that's my business. legit surfer Julia. She's like please. Were tiny wise. Carl Lee Toy Ki L.. Whose panties are these issues like out? Those are reserved for Lou totally and then also that straps that are bed. Yeah the new best traveling on the New Straits. Oh Yeah oops superleague exactly what happens now. People know uh-huh okay since this is the podcast china-related Juliet and we go up there on my clients. William sorry you're not a client money back checking out. Yeah Yeah I mean I'm I'm totally open to looking at your Dick. I just saw that.

00:40:01 - 00:45:00

You have these genes that you are. You're auditions me. This really funny. I sold a pyramid genes for five. Five thousand six hundred dollars for for for for for movie called Sexy Blue Blue which is my biggest movie and I still had all my clothes tagged with the scene that I was in blue jeans wore sectoral. Do because a buddy of mine said Leuke tag it people are going to want it later on and I told somebody that I don't know who I told three days later. It's on the Internet. Who sold it? The the most money ever been sold for a clothing item and item of clothing that that was used in a porn film with my jeans and the Guy Join me a pitcher. He had it in glass in a glass case with a picture of a still from the movie of me wearing the jeans and had a really big in his in his house. I tell myself I'm posh Maar from the doctor. I'm just joking okay. So there's one thing that you could bring into porn today. What would that be Bring Back uh-huh guilt on celebrities. Bring back bring back the way it used to be the way it used to be when they were really big Maryland Chambers and all them all of whom just lukasz. I'm going to say my name again because I was I was really big print model. I was really big in films so bring back more acting into porn. Not only no more acting. Just bring back. The celebrity is the celebrity thing. Think of it because I used to fund man he used to be going to parties did go to a few parties and I did. I did a film about eight years ago. I came back and did a porn film also away from the business for seventeen years out headline magazines again after seventeen years away from the business point sensation. Return Flyer but but I have not Newton it. I'm I'm not nude and I play a psycho drugged out. Serial killer in God and it's called dare from Falcon films and and the Director of the part for me. Wow I know thanks a lot psycho serial killer this you and I was poured. I'm not a big porn person hiding. I feel like a porn. I am gravitated to is like Lukasz. Oh I'm sorry likely Quinn. It's like scenes and it's more like acting the storyline when I just like go on like you porn or whatever and it's just like really gross people it does not seconds boom boom. It's done tissue literally like eight does not turn me on it. All the new being you would not like yeah are just like in general what components today use storyline the film it on film to not not that cheap video shit. You see today the loops malicious amateur shit. It's all digital cameras. Resin yourself user down because everyone amateur. That's probably why porn industry is a little different now because camera phone right everything. Everybody everybody is foreign store. Have you ever made a sex tape. Julie did one yesterday this morning. I'm sorry this morning. I'm sorry cleaning your pie right. I Know Yup. It's true I haven't but I actually talked about it with my axe broke up so we did like along like video because he was like a broad showed me no. I'm sorry waiting on those moments. You kind of channel your feel like European star. Have you made a video of her. She's beautiful once and the whole time. Oh just kept thinking like if this went up on you porn. What kind of Personal Watch Jack? Thank you make demographic but your your hottest fuck but but but but back then it was for one scene. It was twelve to sixteen hours seventeen hours for one scene back then lives for one scene. That's how that's how they were filmmaking back then it wasn't just fuck me fuck me fucking suck my it it was fucking actual filming in really cool. I liked it really cool. It was really cool. was that because I was always I was always looking at filmed and all that shit. Algae Watch it after. Oh Yeah I think what was your reaction you look. I was drugged out. So I didn't look look as great as I thought I did. When I was on drugs I don't watch actually what I thought about 'cause like so you'll get love? Judge yourself when my accent I like when he was in the UK like we did like video. Chat obviously related needed access raped by the next play. A factor I was like always thinking like what would this look like I was watching myself. WBZ and then like what we're talking about doing the video like it'd be Kinda hot but also is a critic you critique yourself big time like down a lot of those home movies I have so many movies. I'm not kidding. I have who moves from here to New Jersey to New York Hawaiian kidding and do all the time.

00:45:00 - 00:50:11

Though I do like I fill all the time I get off onto. Yeah you're so used to it. That's really hot about filming. Yeah I'd like to make sure it's on my phone seriously. Yeah Luke copy of that Shit sinks faster than I do you like it. Is it really life every single. What do you call it now? I don't know I'm so it's like the movie called sex tape right. It's the same thing does a comedy is the comedy was it Cameron Diaz Funny One. I don't know he's Cameron. India's are just so that Mesh it could happen but I do think there's something really hot about being filmed. It is hot and most people. Oh nowadays he can. I still miss on my on my camera right on my phone. I have to have been now because they can go. Hey this lukasz right. They can't sell that. Maybe take away our listeners. If you're doing like everybody is like right now. He has a phone out there and people like. Hey it's okay nobody can see us. I go dude. Close a fucking draper. I'm not GonNa from doing anything because everyone has a fucking phone. What are some of our takeaways? It's not going to be a stretch talk about dating and porn because problem with dating today. Is that people. We'll constantly look for the highs. Kinda like important. You're always you're always looking for the Jack uation. You're always looking for that erection motion for the money shot or you're looking for the drugs on set there was like highs highs highs and then when you go home there's the what is relatively low which actually isn't allowed regular right very good at this Karoo no dating do the same thing as we go on these dates and then we're like I'm phyllis sparks because the high when everyday fucking life is is like the way you call the lows right. We're right or study or yes. So we're like addicted to this feeling of sparks and chemistry dating. And that's that's exactly why we set ourselves up for failure to if you spend the rest of your life with someone it's not always gonna be those highs mostly not going to be those official right and that's kind of my take away 'cause it brings me back to this grounded -ness of saying okay. We've all had highs in our lives but we can't dwell on that. We always always talking like all. I remember when I had the gold standard with this person right or like I had an amazing night with this person. Why can I replicate it is because those are moments that are not meant to be replicated indicated and if you're looking for a true life partner those are not the moments you should be looking for? It's looking for those every day. Mom and pop moments had how that makes so you feel yeah I think my takeaway is at the end of the day. Like porn is entertainment. We talked about it and I think what you said to of like people wanting until I take your like romance. Call it in air coral in think it was actual. And you're like no this is justice set right and I think like one of the things that comes up today with porn so accessible is that like it skews. What people's like reality is X.? Winner for so. It's like you have to remember that even if someone just it's like shooting on a Web Cam and their hall it's for entertainment at the end of the day. If your sex life doesn't match that up one hundred percent it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with your sex life. Yeah just a different situation. People always ask me looted. You always like this. Do you always need to have this kind of sex. I go most of the time now you do now. I do most of the time seriously right. I mean just blow job do it nowadays. Yeah a little bit more. It's going to be also maybe that's another takeaway you get used to right. It's far I am saying that I'm still looking for that. You know Julie You bring up an interesting point because you hear people when they have kinky sex ago. I felt like I was in a porno. Yeah but if you think about isn't pornos. Isn't that supposed to simulate real life like porn supposed community life on a heightened level I to be striving to live our lives like porno. When porn is supposed to just entertainment or heightened reality? That's really not reality. -ality that's a really interesting. What are you striving for are you? If you're happy in your sex life. Why even look for that next level of porn sex? But don't most guys like Jerky like fucking even when they're married and stuff. You know what I mean you guys. I've had guys ask like why can't I come on girls face I see it in porn all the time because it's my pleasure wolf for entertainment and let me ask you. Why are you turn on by watching watching a man? Come on a girl's face and they go. I'm actually not sure. Yeah it's just it's because because porn told me that same thing with two women together guys was it overplayed way but I mean it just like it's real trendy and popular those still guys would be like all fucking that seriously I do but yeah I guess the positive appoint even today the assess ability of it is like it can inspire again when I have nieces and stuff I see and that should care about my I should immediately the world has seen me.

00:50:11 - 00:54:47

I don't give a shit but I don't want them 'cause computer easily your kid nothing like this computers and none of this. You know what I mean so I I was just like you know. The accessibility is much different than I don't like it in. That sounds so prudish to me but I mean I mean really. I don't like the Porn Stars. A song called rated X.. Come on but I'd be curious to see how the metoo movement has affected the porn industry in the story lines are going to be just a little bit different in two over Shogo woman. CEO Judicial Assistant. WHO's a man? Yeah it'll be interesting to see okay so I thought this I've been a few times I am if I am this one porn star. Can you guess who points are is. I've been as a few times on the Internet. Are you related to the person. It's like only one Asian notice a few but I would know Isa Akira very good I would say no. There's a few more but but but but you. You're much prettier. Beautiful your stunning natural. Yeah I guess so so many comments when I have videos on on the Internet people say all the time. Are you related to Asa Kierra. You'll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger to me. Your face looks like Brad Pitt. I'm looking at it takes joking as cool that's a good takeaway. I'm Nice a cure. All right I shall we go watch some porn. Let's go do. I feel like you would totally watch your own. Don't people want to watch with me. I'm like walking Tehran. Naked Photo because look myself up the fucking myself and I think it's fascinating people go. He did you see you know. I don't look myself up on something I don't do. I honestly well once in a while but having free maybe a year now but now I'm going to Adair. Yeah just Lou who cast fog man cast fucking born again. It wasn't that difficult not difficult at mindless go. Watch Julie's the exact during Julie L. E. Julie I'm Julie or Corridor Jewell J. W. Jewel. Your name's Julie. Time to wrap APODACA Schule Gerald Schick. That's great idea to do career really really. I think you should quit your job. I really would. You guys are great at this. I really appreciate you guys have fucking honored to have so glad. It's been recording this entire fucking God my God if we had to do this a third time behind. You definitely have to win a cleaning anymore. You're on your own here. We'll wrap this up. I think this has been a very educational talk as to get like an insider's look into the industry and how it's changed if you One of for listeners is interesting talking about your own experience. Maybe in the sex industry we love to have you as a guest on our show or maybe even a porn star. Yeah yeah that's about your own experience with that would be so again. We're looking for guests for upcoming season's okay. We're really going to wrap this up. Ah always wrap it up. Guys young wrapping up wrapping up three times. So that's all we want to continue the conversation. I follow us on Instagram facebook and twitter with the handle at dateable. PODCAST tag in any post with the Hashtag stay dateable entrust us. We look at all those posts then head over to our website dateable PODCASTS DOT com there. You'll find all the episodes notes as well. As articles videos and our coaching service with vetted industry experts you can also find our premium y series where we dissect analyze an offer solutions to some of the most common dating conundrums Roseau downloadable for free on spotify apple podcast Google play overcast stitcher radio and other podcasts platforms James. Your feedback is valuable to us. So don't forget to leave us a review and most importantly remember to stay dateable.

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