Let's face it: it's a weird time to be dating
...maybe you're back on the dating scene after a breakup, divorce, or time off
...or you've recently entered a new relationship and want to feel confident in it
....or you just want to know how to navigate dating in this new COVID-19 world

And let's say you are dating or in a relationship. Inevitably something comes up that throws you for a loop.
.....Is anyone else experiencing this? 
....Is there another way I could be looking at this situation?
...does anyone else get what I'm really going through? 
....WWJ&Y do? 

We want you to feel empowered & in control of your love life.  Dating and relationships can be scary because they force us to put a magnifying glass upon ourselves. But we want you to have the wisdom and intelligence to take on anything life throws at you, especially when it comes to love.
What if you had Yue& Julie as your guides and a 'sounding board' of other wise Dateable listeners to help you navigate it all?